E.T. Is Back Home And Meets Elliot In A Heartwarming Short Film

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If, after all these years, thirty-seven, to be precise, you have been wondering what happened to E.T., the extra-terrestrial, and Elliot, you are going to love this Christmas campaign, which will make us remember one of Steven Spielberg’s most famous movies. 

Comcast TV is promoting its streaming service, Xfinity, with a short film titled “A Holiday Reunion,” that features the creature from outer space along with Elliot, who is now grown up, played by Henry Thomas. 

In this TV commercial, we see Elliot preparing everything for the Christmas celebration. Suddenly, E.T. arrives and surprises Elliot’s family, who gets really excited after meeting his friend after such a long time. 

“Lots of things have changed since you were here,” Elliot warns E.T., and then they start talking about all the technological innovations that have emerged since 1982. 

The video also shows Elliot’s children getting along with the extra-terrestrial, and also showing him things like the internet, virtual reality games and eating delicious desserts, but it’s technology that takes center stage in the story. 

The references to the 1982 film are part of this story, so we will see the flying bikes, family, friendship, and love. Anyone who has ever watched the movie will definitely be hit by nostalgia and longing, since Steven Spielberg refused to produce a sequel of the film, even though it broke box office records and remains a beloved classic to this day. 

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