Series that you have to watch if you’re loving Euphoria

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As you may know, Euphoria is a series about angst and troubled teens, with some topics harsher than others, but still the reality that you may affront as a teenager, obviously, you must not follow the life of these teens and they should not be romanticized. Certainly, Euphoria is not the first series of this kind; there are several productions that paved the way for this drama series for teenagers. 

These are the shows you must watch if you love Euphoria and can no longer wait for every sunday chapter. 

1. The Breakfast Club (1985) – Amazon Prime Video

Even though this is a movie, it talks about the reality of five teenagers that were sent to detention on March 24, 1985. Five different worlds, a jock, a beauty, a brain, a rebel, and a reckless. Every one of the characters represents the high school clichés students and is meant to spend a Saturday together in the library of their school. They’ll discover that each of them is more than their respective stereotype.

2. Dawson’s Creek (1998) – Netflix

Dawson and Joey had been friends since their childhood; you’ll follow them from the beginning of their high school until college in North Carolina. How in this stage of life everything could change from overnight. Dawson wants to become the new Steven Spielberg, Joey is a brilliant girl, but sometimes hostile, Pacey is a mediocre student and Jen is a seductive girl. A group of friends living the emotions to the surface.

3. Skins (2007) – Netflix

This series represented the aspirations that every teen dreamt with, parties, fun, love and drama, much drama. 

This one walked so Euphoria could run. It has a clear view of the life of a group of teenagers living in Bristol, England. Broken hearts, eating disorders, absent parents, and the consequences that this leads to. Each season involves a whole new generation, and a new group of friends having little references about the previous ones. 

4. Sex Education (2019) – Netflix

Unlike the ones in this list, this is what you must do related to sexual intimacy. Otis further being a ‘freak’ in his school, his mother is a sex therapist who is unable to maintain romantic relationships, and in his school, Otis and her friend Maeve set up a clinic to help the students of their school with their sexual problems. This series is like the other side of the coin and pretends to demonstrate the importance of sexual education, the consequences that the gaps existing in this subject could lead to the society.