‘Fast and Furious 10,’ the Meaning of the Post-Credits Scene and How it Reveals Toretto’s Fate

Fast and Furious 10 has hit theaters, and fans can't wait to see Toretto in action.

Isabel Cara

Fast and Furious 10 has hit theaters and fans can’t wait to see Toretto in action once again. The family of car racers is back, and the euphoria of the reception has been immense, even the fans are already urging for the eleventh part of the saga to arrive.

One of the biggest questions after the premiere of Fast and Furious 10 is whether there will be a post-credits scene or scenes that reveal a little of what’s to come in the future, and we already have the answer.

Does Fast and Furious 10 Have Post-Credits Scenes?

Yes, there’s one. Fast and Furious 10 has a post-credits scene, well, mid-credit actually, so you won’t have to wait long to see it after the film closes.


The post-credits scene reveals the return of one of the most beloved characters from the Fast and Furious saga, Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs. We can’t tell you too much about it for you to enjoy this great moment in theaters; however, you should know that everything revolves around the evil revenge of Dante (Jason Momoa) and the event that marked him 10 years earlier, the death of his father, Hernan Reyes.

In this tenth installment of the Fast and Furious saga, Dante promises to take revenge on Dominic Toretto, with each of the members of his family to make him suffer, and, apparently, on his list is also Hobbs.

Rapidos y furiosos 10 jason momoa - 'fast and furious 10,' the meaning of the post-credits scene and how it reveals toretto's fate

What Does the Post-Credits Scene Mean?

To watch Fast and Furious 10, you must keep Fast and Furious 5 very much in mind. The post-credits scene projects flashbacks of that heist in which Dom, Hobbs, and Brian became friends, which would also awaken Dante’s thirst for revenge.

Heir Reyes thoroughly studied each of Dom’s family members, without exception, including Hobbs. And just as he prepared a whole show to make him suffer, he plans to do the same with the leader of the advanced police team.

Dwayne Johnson’s return is very significant for the saga’s timeline, since we hadn’t seen him since the eighth part, plus he swore not to return to filming Fast and Furious due to differences with Vin Diesel.

This tells us that Luke Hobbs is likely to play a huge role in Fast and Furious 11, and, depending on how things work out for Dom, they will reunite once again to finish off Dante.

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