‘Fiona’, the creepy horror short film inspired by ‘Shrek’

Who doesn’t love Shrek? It is one of those animated films that we can watch over and over again without getting bored because it connects very well with viewers, not only for being fun and tender but also for being the first film to show references to children’s stories as satire. And one of the favorite characters is undoubtedly the protagonist, but also his beloved Fiona, who now took a 180º turn thanks to the eerie imagination of independent director Andy Chen.

The filmmaker imagined a dark world inspired by Shrek’s princess Fiona and created a horror short film that maybe you shouldn’t watch if hardcore horror isn’t your thing.

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In the short film published on the YouTube channel called Locustgarden, we can see the twisted fragment inspired by the moment when Fiona transforms into a creepy ogre at nightfall due to the curse.

As the princess is locked in the castle, many knights try to rescue her without knowing about the curse. In Andy Chen’s story, we see one of them manage to enter the place when he suddenly meets the beautiful princess and tells her that he is there to save her, to which she thanks him and immediately kisses him since, according to the story, the spell will end when she kisses the love of her life. However, things don’t go that well and she turns into a gruesome monster.

Once this happens, the ‘new Fiona’ begins to chase the knight, who after running a few minutes down the hallway of the castle, realizes that this isn’t a fairy tale story, and the knights who had tried to rescue her before, met an unfortunate and terrible fate.

Here’s the terrifying short film:

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva