9 Plot Points That Went Terribly Wrong In The Game Of Thrones Finale

1558399128779 dayanaris and the bish who killed her. 001 - 9 plot points that went terribly wrong in the game of thrones finaleEight years we waited. Eight long boring years we waited to find out who would sit on the iron throne for them to give us a cheest happy-go-lucky ending. What? Fans have not been reacting well to this latest episode. Here we have gathered the most common complaints from Game of Thrones fans, most of which boil down to how horrible, lazy, and cheesy the writing became from the moment Jon kills Daenerys onwards. From then on its comic relief after comic relief with a few heartwarming exchanges in between of that. And there’s some downright incoherent plot points and scenes. Go through all of these and try to make some sense of them with me, if you please. Starting with number 1:

Jaime and Cersei could have survived by moving aside

By the way the scene played out in “The Bells,” it seemed like an entire building had collapsed on Jaime and Cersei. Then comes Tyrion to see a basement basically intact save for a pile of rubble that just so happens to cover his siblings. It only takes him a few bricks to find their corpses. All it would have taken from them to live would have been to move aside a bit faster. That’s it. But let’s say they couldn’t for some reason. I’m sure it would have hurt, but a certain death for the both of them? Geez!
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Bran is the worst

This is Bran in a few words: Lord of Winterfell? I don’t “want” anymore. King of the Seven Kingdoms? Come to daddy. Was this his plan all along? He kept creepily staring at everyone but specially Tyrion. Did he know Daenerys was going to kill millions of people? If so, why didn’t he say something? Did he know Tyrion would play a larger role in his coronation? Why not be friendlier to Tyrion. Too many questions.
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Arya sailing off to the “West”

Many people have compared Arya to Christopher Columbus. That’s fine, except Christopher Columbus had years of study behind him. Not to mentoin centuries of observation by other mathematicians and astronomers. Did that lead him to speculate a whole other entire continent existed? No. But it at least gave him the certainty he would eventually reach land. What if the planet of Westeros is just ocean? Yeah, Arya’s dead.

Sam suggesting switching to a Democracy

Daenery’s narrative from somewhere in the middle seasons provide plenty of subversive and radical ideas but these really start materializing with the High Sparrow, who basically proposes revolution all over. He preaches equality among men, and seems to target the nobility specifically, as well as championing for the poor and the smallfolk.

With these ideas roaming around Westeros, you can’t deny Democracy would have been appealing. But Sam’s delivery is filled with sentimentalism, that, had the rest of the Lords accepted, would have belonged to something like Narnia or Harry Potter, not a bloodthirsty, highly political series like Game of Thrones. The only thing worse than accepting Sam’s proposal would have been…

The Lords laugh hysterically at Sam

Okay, I get it. You want to remain within the realm of the high fantasy fiction genre and therefore introducing Democracy would be asking too much of it. But laughing at Sam? Saying “I’ll ask my horse”? It’s too much of an easy laugh, a formulaic story of the character who makes the most sense but others are too dumb to know. Sam is thus reduced to the archetypical chubby funny character he often was able to free himself from.

Sansa flat out saying the North will be independent; and Bran saying “sure”

I used to think Game of Thrones was really good at showing-not-telling. Not anymore. We have to watch how an independence negotiations play through, how everything works perfectly without so much as a debate about it. It would’ve been quite enough if Sansa’s crowning sequence would have played out as the show closed.
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Grey Worm being all the Punisher then being like “Later, dudes”

For such a motivated character in search of revenge, Grey Worm surely became the biggest person in a matter of seconds. After they choose Bran for the King, he basically lets go of all grudges. Are you serious? We last saw him slaughtering armless men! Then they kill the one thing he has left: Dany. Aren’t you going to at least kill Jon? Maybe just cut his ear off? Anything? No, he’s taking a cruise ship to the beach of Naath. Oh, okay.

Jon Snow being Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch

The Night’s Watch is useless right now. Exactly what are they watching right now? The Free folk are back where they should be, the White-walkers have been defeated and, oh yeah, there’s a huge gap on the Wall!
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Have you realized the entire plot about Jon’s lineage went to hell? His entire life was a lie. He was never a bastard, he was destined for greatness. Nope, just go back to the Night’s Watch, Aegon Whatever.

The lesson of Game of Thrones

Judging by the Great Council at the end, Game of Thrones seems to be teaching a lesson: do nothing and you’ll be invited to decide the future of a country. Robin, the kid who was breastfed until his teenage years survived. Yara, who waited the war out at the Iron Islands survived. The unnamed Prince of Dorne appears from nowhere. Edmure was a prisoner since the Red Wedding. Bran was crowned for crying out loud! Was there someone useful left?
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