‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Canceled Before Shooting Even Started

1572390416937 game of thrones sequel series canceled cover - 'game of thrones' prequel canceled before shooting even startedIt would seem that D&D (David Benioff and Dan Weiss) are officially cursed and everything their names are attached to is doomed to fail. Hours after announcing that the creative duo was walking away from directing the next Star Wars trilogy, news of the Game of Thrones prequel being canceled come as a surprise, especially considering that the pilot had already been shot during the summer.

I almost feel sorry for them because, after the polemical Game of Thrones finale, they have become two of the most hated people in television, but their detractors have a point. It’s kind of an open secret that they decided to make the final season shorter, so they would have more time to work on the new Star Wars trilogy. So, now that they’re out of that as well, it makes us wonder why did they take the job, while giving such a great show such a lousy conclusion? Ok, rant over. Moving on.

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To be fair to Benioff and Weiss, they weren’t just working on the GoT sequel. However, as it was established in their contract, their names would be attached to anything Game of Thrones-related at HBO. So, what happened exactly, if they had already cast and even shot the pilot? The prequel, which was allegedly named Bloodmoon, and that would be set thousands of years before GoT, would not be moving forward, according to the show’s showrunner, Jane Goldman.

According to Deadline, Goldman has been reaching the entire cast (which included Naomi Watts) and production already to let them know about the executive decision, just days after another prequel (closer to the storyline we know and love) was announced. So far, no more details on why the prequel was canceled have been reported, but the future of the franchise, as the last season of the original series, looks bad. And all of this while the creator of the story, George R.R. Martin, is still procrastinating with the upcoming books.

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