Guillermo Del Toro Will Debut as an Actor in ‘Barry’, Is There Anything This Man Can’t Do?

Guillermo del Toro debuted as a composer in 'Pinocchio', and now we will witness his talent as an actor.

Gabriela Castillo

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Guillermo del Toro stepped down from the director’s chair to face the great challenge of being an actor, with a special participation in Barry.

This HBO series will put into play what could be a new talent for Del Toro and it would not surprise us if he succeeds.

It was director Bill Hader himself who announced this news during an interview with Deadline, and I’m not lying, our heart raced.

This is not the first time he has done it. Let’s remember that the filmmaker appeared in Death Stranding playing Deadman, the guy Sam Bridges asks for help to know how to deal with the baby.

What will Guillermo del Toro do in ‘Barry’

We already know several facets of Guillermo del Toro and the most recent was his debut as a composer for his award-winning stop-motion version of Pinocchio.

Now we are about to see him as an actor in the third episode of the fourth and final season of ‘Barry’.

For this, Bill Hader, who is a friend of Guillermo and Alfonso Cuarón, explained without many details, that he developed two character ideas for the Mexican, after he himself asked for it.

“I’m his friend, and I’m Alfonso Cuarón’s friend, and Alfonso was texting me like, ‘Guillermo says you don’t know how to direct,'” said the creator of ‘Barry’ about his good relationship with Mexicans.

He revealed that Guillermo will play ‘Toro’ and that he has already done scene tests that turned out very well.

“The character is called Toro. And I think (Guillermo) was a little surprised. He said, ‘Really?’ I said yes. And he sent me a text: ‘Are you serious?’… And I was like, ‘Yes, you asked for it and I did it.’ And he said, ‘Oh, okay, when do you shoot? When is it?’ He was very excited,” Bill said.

guillermo del toro actor en barry hbo - Guillermo Del Toro Will Debut as an Actor in ‘Barry’, Is There Anything This Man Can’t Do?

When Does the Barry Episode With Guillermo Del Toro Air?

We are eager to see Guillermo del Toro in this HBO series that has become one of our favorites for its plot where we witness the journey of a somewhat depressed hitman to become an actor.

The fourth season of ‘Barry’ premiered on April 16th, so it won’t be until April 23rd that we can see the Mexican make his debut as an actor.

Story originally written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva.