Halle Bailey Would’ve Asked Disney ‘Not to Be Exposed Again’ after Racism on Mexican TV

Halle Bailey went to an interview to introduce 'The Little Mermaid,' which made Halle and even viewers very uncomfortable.

Isabel Cara

Halle Bailey con vestido elegante para alfombra roja de La Sirenita

Halle Bailey was reportedly so disappointed by the interview she was given on a Mexican television show that she asked Disney not to expose her in that way again.

The star of the upcoming The Little Mermaid experienced one of the most uncomfortable moments on air when host Patricio Borghetti told her that he had already seen the movie and “no one in that room yesterday was seeing the color of your skin, we were all lost in your eyes.”

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For the host, they were words of love, with no other intention; for fans, they were racist words; and for Halle, unprepared personnel statements. “I feel sorry for you and a little ashamed, that you want to transform words of love, into this (…) I thought you were smarter. I told her she was making history and changing the world for the better. She received it with gratitude and love. You couldn’t. And you edited it,” responded the actor to a comment from a user who wrote: “Oh no, I knew they were going to come out with at least one racist comment in Venga La Alegría.”

The reality is that Patricio Borghetti could have spared that comment and focused on what matters, such as her talent, the special effects, and her experience in the film, or if he wanted to address the issue of discrimination, find a way not to make the actress uncomfortable.

Users on social media ‘slammed’ the TV host by highlighting that they expected nothing less from him and that Halle’s skin color should not be a topic of conversation. “There is no love in your racism;” “She doesn’t need words of love, your job as a host is to ask questions about the movie;” and “Well, it was not necessary to talk about her skin color,” read among the comments.

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The actor said his film “was unique in the sense that audiences went to see it several times. That’s the only way we hit the billion-dollar mark with our premiere.” But what angered netizens was the fact that he added that his “guess is that The Little Mermaid won’t cross the billion mark, but it will certainly have a sequel.”

Comments against him poured in like an avalanche, and finally, he opted to shut down his Twitter feed.

Story written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva

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