A Real Maniac: Jason Momoa Makes ‘Fast and Furious 10’ Worth the Wait

Jason Momoa made an excellent job in the role of Dante in 'Fast and Furious 10.'

Isabel Cara

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa stole the show in Fast and Furious 10, and his malevolent villain breaks with all the ones we saw before in the saga. The actor joined the Fast and Furious family, and, without a doubt, he carries a key character in the story. Momoa gives life to Dante, the son of drug trafficker Hernan Reyes, who died in Fast and Furious 5, so he seeks to avenge his father’s death ten years later.

Jason Momoa Makes Fast and Furious 10 Worth Watching

Jason Momoa and his role as the psychotic Dante, wow, did he surprise us all! Some fans are even comparing his character to the Joker. “I don’t think the villains have changed. I’ve been asked if I was inspired by anyone, but not really. The villains are almost, but there are some phenomenal ones, I didn’t want to play something that had already been done or be this brute force that fights everything. It’s someone obsessed who’s had everything taken away from him and just wants to hurt,” Jason Momoa revealed.

Jason momoa fast and furious 10 performance - a real maniac: jason momoa makes 'fast and furious 10' worth the wait

Momoa not only brings evil to his character but he also gave him an obsessive, manic, compulsive, and psychotic trait, which makes Dante a real psychopathic hunter. Even, the actor added authenticity and comedy to give him a touch of sarcasm and irony. Something that, if you ask us, makes him the perfect villain.

Dante studied Toretto for ten years and maintained a great obsession with him and those around him, which led us to his psychopathic profile. There is a rather comical scene that, upon further analysis, is terrifying. Dante is about to hack Dom’s family bank accounts, and he does it relaxed in a bathrobe, some buns, and while painting his nails and also someone else’s… to a couple of corpses, with whom he “talks” and even serves them drinks. Pretty terrifying stuff with a great touch of comedy.

Jason Momoa’s role gives a special touch to the tenth installment of Fast and Furious and makes the film worth watching, as it breaks with many of the traditional lines we had seen in the saga years ago. He also adds a lot of sparkle to the film, so you won’t be able to resist the charms of one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed and beloved actors.

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