It’s Official! Jenna Ortega and Tim Burton Will Team Up Again for ‘Beetlejuice 2’

After the massive 'Wednesday' success, Jenna Ortega will team up again with Tim Burton for the 'Beetlejuice' sequel.

Isabel Cara

comparative photo of jenna ortega and a scene from beetlejuice

Jenna Ortega and her unique and fresh personification of Wednesday Adams in Tim Burton‘s series Wednesday, took the world by storm. Not only has she signed up for a second season of the series also as an executive producer, but it’s now been confirmed that she will join the original cast in a sequel of the beloved film Beetlejuice.

Who Could Jenna Ortega Play in Beetlejuice 2?

According to Variety, who often have the best deets on upcoming film and series projects, Jenna Ortega is already on board to play no other than the daughter of Lydia Deetz who was originally portrayed by the one and only Winona Ryder. This means that the sequel will take time several years after the original film was released in 1988.

What We Know About the Beetlejuice Sequel

The idea of making a sequel to the iconic 80s film came out around 2013 when actor Michael Keaton declared that he would love to play the character again. He added that he was already in talks with director Tim Burton.

Since then, Warner Bros started working on the script of the sequel but recently Plan B (Brad Pitt’s production company) took over the project. So far, it has been confirmed that both Tim Burton and Michael Keaton are on board as well as the unique Winona Ryder who will also reprise her role.

The movie has an official release date already, so Beetlejuice fans, mark your calendars because this epic sequel will hit theaters on  September 6, 2024!