“Joker 2″ Stops Filming While Lady Gaga Shares First Official Image

The filming process of Joker 2 has stopped due to accusations of labor exploitation; however, Todd Phillips, director of the project, revealed its first official image.

Isabel Cara

“Joker 2″ Stops Filming While Lady Gaga Shares First Official Image

The filming process of Joker 2 has stopped, and that is because most actors claimed that the production team is exploiting them. Nonetheless, the main cast and the production’s official account on social media did share the first official image of the film yesterday afternoon.

The situation draws a lot of attention in itself, and that is because this film is one of the most anticipated ones after the immense success of its predecessor, the one that led Joaquin Phoenix to win an Oscar Award for Best Actor. In the sequel, we will be able to see the famous actor giving life to Arthur once again, along with Lady Gaga, who will play Harley Quinn.

Joker: Foliè a Deux, which is its main title so far, has all movie lovers very excited. However, it seems that the filming has gone through serious complications and tensions that have caused the whole process to be postponed, and, if the accusations are true and not attended to shortly, the production could have serious repercussions.

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Joker 2 Has Stopped Its Filming Due to Serious Statements by Extra Actors

The film, directed by Todd Phillips, has suffered serious complications, and the tension on its set can be felt everywhere after members of the extra cast team made serious accusations to the production team. These actors and actresses declared that one of the problems is that they have to negotiate with the rest of the team their visits to the bathroom, as the managers are afraid of not getting to the delivery dates for the film. According to sources close to TMZ, the actors and actresses are claiming their rights after the alleged labor exploitation.

According to the allegations, the extras would be deprived of taking bathroom breaks, drinking water, or eating, and when they get permission, they get reproached and scolded. Likewise, they assure that the participants continually put up with the bad treatment so as not to have more trouble; however, the situation it’s continually ignored.

One of the anonymous testimonies published ensures that the production team did not let this person go to the bathroom between shoots until they convinced them that it was an emergency, and, after leaving the toilet and drinking water again, an assistant director ended up scolding them saying: “why do you drink more water? So you can go to the bathroom later?”

Until now, sources close to the production assure that the people in charge of the film have remained silent about what happens on set; however, the accusations have already reached the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and they want the whole team agreements to be respected by directors and managers.

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First Image of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in Joker 2

Through his Instagram account, Todd Phillips, director of the film, and Lady Gaga shared the first image of the film, in which we can see Joaquin Phoenix bringing Arthur Fleck to life once again, while Lady Gaga stares at him, clearly, like Harley Quinn… or so we think.

And that is because, until now, the production team has revealed very few details about the plot of Joker 2. What we do know is that this sequel has two provisional titles: Foliè a Deux and Juliet, this one getting the most attention because, as some sources said, the first part of this story is Romeo, referring to the great work of William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet.

Joker 2′s director decided to reveal the image as a gift for Valentine’s Day, and, in fact, in its caption, he wrote a congratulation on the holiday; for her part, Lady Gaga shared the same image through her Instagram official account and accompanied the post with the message: “Folie à Deux.”

So far, we do not have more details about the release of Joker 2, although it is estimated that its premiere is scheduled for October 4, 2024, so we will still have a long waiting time. The production team expects it to be as successful as its predecessor, which had a budget of 55 million dollars and more than 1 billion in revenue.