The Most Powerful Girls in the History of Cinema

It's inevitable not to have dreamed of being one of these powerful girls in your childhood. Mara Wilson and Emma Watson are two actresses who really left a mark in our childhood.

Gabriela Castillo


There is no person who does not know who we are talking about. The directors made sure that the audience fell in love with all these powerful girls, and they did a great job because many years have passed for most of them and we still remember them. Here we show you the most outstanding ones although there are many others as well.

Matilda – Matilda (1996)
Danny DeVito

Matilda (Mara Wilson) grows up in a family where everyone thinks only of themselves. Due to the little interest shown by her parents towards her, she develops a kind of mental ability to move things. Gradually, she becomes better at controlling them, to the point of achieving amazing things with strong concentration and her eyes. Matilda creates bonds with her schoolmates and especially with her teacher. All she wants is to be valued for who she is and to get away from her home.

Violet – The Incredibles (2004)
Brad Bird

Violet is part of the family of The Incredibles. Her main power is invisibility and force fields, which she uses to help her family fight evil. The teenager needs the help of her super suit (designed only for her) to be able to develop her abilities.

Hit-Girl – Kick Ass (2010)
Matthew Vaughn

Mindy McCready (Chloë Grace Moretz), better known as Hit-Girl, is a superheroine who was trained by her father Damon to be an assassin. She has hand-to-hand combat skills and knowledge of weapons. The little girl also has a sweet personality when she’s not fighting. She’s a girl who likes Hello Kitty and comics. Both she and her suit have become an icon of cinema.

Charlene ‘Charlie’ McGee – Firestarter (1984)

Mark L. Lester

Andy and Victoria are classmates in university and they meet because both undergo a medical experiment by injecting a hallucinogenic component. Victoria becomes pregnant with Andy and due to the inevitable, they have a daughter (Drew Barrymore) with powers to control fire and heat. In one part of the story, the girl is kidnapped by government agents and they have to retrieve her very carefully because the girl’s anger can cause havoc.

Lavagirl – The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (2005)
Robert Rodriguez

Max is a boy who realizes he can invent magical worlds to kill his boredom and escape his worries. In this way, he creates the Sharkboy and the girl of fire (Taylor Dooley), who can expel fire and rocks. This movie aims to teach the power of turning dreams into reality. Director Robert Rodriguez creates this film with the help of his seven-year-old son and his producer wife. He says it is a movie created by one family for another family.

Claudia – Interview with the Vampire (1994)
Neil Jordan

Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) was a girl who was involuntarily turned into a vampire since, initially, the goal was for her to be just food for another vampire, but things turned out differently and she had to be turned. The little girl is forced to live without a mother and a father and shares with one of her tutors the killer instinct and the need to feed on people. She lives for decades with other vampires until she begins to grow and create a hatred towards the one who turned her into a vampire. The struggle to survive becomes a peculiar part of the story.

Carmen Cortéz – Spy Kids (2001)

Robert Rodríguez

Carmen Elizabeth Juanita de Costa Brava Cortez (Alexa Vega) belongs to a family of spies. At the beginning of the plot, she and her brother Juni have no idea about their parents’ secret profession, but they are forced to undergo spy training to save their parents who are in danger. With the help of an agent who is an ally of their parents, Carmen and Juni learn from the basics to the most complicated spy techniques to become experts themselves.

Hermione – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Chris Columbus

Hermione Granger is a witch in the Harry Potter saga starring Emma Watson, a role that made her famous worldwide. She is a strange combination since her parents are actually Muggles, and Hermione is one of the best in the entire school. She has an incredible ability to memorize books and spells. Granger is a great help to Harry and Ron throughout the entire movie.

Most of these girls develop their abilities because of or thanks to their parents. Family plays a crucial role in the lives of each one of them.