The True Story of ‘Queen Charlotte’ and Why the Casting Selection Shouldn’t Be an Issue

Several fans are unhappy with 'Queen Charlotte,' but do not understand that the series is not biographical.

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The series Queen Charlotte has become one of the favorite series since it premiered on Netflix last May 4, although it is also one that has gotten a lot of backlash on social media. The spin-off of Bridgerton gives us, in six chapters, a bomb of romance, sex, drama, and a little more.

Despite the originality of this series, several fans have criticized it because it does not portray the life of Queen Charlotte, and that is the thing, IT IS FICTION, not a documentary or a biographical series, BUT FICTION. Even those books by Julia Quinn, from which the adaptation was made, do not have a historical basis; only some characters that were real coincide, such as Charlotte and King George III.

For the fortune and ‘misfortune’ of some fans, the story presented by the spin-off of Bridgerton has several settings that are not part of reality, and we are back to the same thing, it is pure fiction.

Reina charlotte verdad y mentira de spin off los bridgerton 1 - the true story of 'queen charlotte' and why the casting selection shouldn't be an issue

Accuracies in Queen Charlotte

Arranged Marriage

Born Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz on May 19, 1744, in Mirow, Germany, the princess was chosen to be the wife of George III when she was just 17 years old. The prince came to the throne in 1760 when he was 22 years old, but he was not married, so Charlotte was chosen to be his life companion.

Charlotte’s Relationship with George III

Although very little is known about this 250-year-old marriage, it is said that despite being arranged, their marriage was loving and fiery. On this journey, while they fell in love, they also had a difficult time because of George’s mental illness.

As shown in the series, George III had permanent insanity, which began as early as 1811. According to History Extra, the king would suddenly become violent, and Charlotte always supported him, although she preferred not to visit him alone. Charlotte died in 1818 and George, in 1820.

Large Family

Although it may seem somewhat exaggerated, this couple liked a large family, and as it is shown in Queen Charlotte, they had 15 children in 22 years. Of these, only 13 survived, and the first of them, George IV, had to take over from his father because of his mental illness.

Exaggerated Tastes

Queen Charlotte was obsessed with gossip (because gossip is life) and liked to wear extravagant outfits, which the series shares with real life. Mind you, she was always accompanied by her entourage. According to the Royal Collection Trust, this marriage was the first to live in Buckingham Palace. Charlotte was a collector of furniture, porcelain, and jewelry.

Reina charlotte historia real - the true story of 'queen charlotte' and why the casting selection shouldn't be an issue

Inaccuracies in Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte’s Skin Color

That’s right, the skin color of Queen Charlotte, which has been criticized so much, has a reason to be, but it is something completely false. According to the series, the queen would be the impetus for integrity and acceptance in British high society.

Although the creator of Queen Charlotte, Shonda Rhimes, argued that her choice of a dark-skinned actress was the theory that “Queen Charlotte was black Portuguese royalty and we followed said theory.”

Queen Charlotte’s Inner Circle

It is said that she was always accompanied by her entourage and that her right hand was named Brimsley, who at the same time would have an affair with her husband’s servant, which has never been confirmed. Also, Charlotte was a person with many friends, but Agatha and Violet, were not part of her circle, as we see in the series.

In the end, it all boils down to the fact that although this series is peppered with real facts, fiction is the real protagonist.

Story written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva

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