Jack Black Announces ‘School of Rock’ Reunion 20 Years After Premiere

A 'School of Rock' reunion? Yes to everything.

Isabel Cara

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Who didn’t want to be a rockstar every time they watched School of Rock as a kid? And not only that, we always wished that Professor S., aka Dewey Finn, would come to our classroom and change Mathematics for Music History and Appreciation.

School of Rock is one of the most outstanding musical comedies in cinema and anyone who tells us they don’t like it is lying. We all love Jack Black being Horace Green’s best teacher.

Jack Black Announces a School of Rock Reunion

It was Jack Black himself who announced that the cast of School of Rock will have a special reunion to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary this 2023. Yes, 20 years, that’s a sign that we’re getting really old.

The actor gave us the big news in an interview with SiriusXM after being asked if he would make a sequel to the iconic film: his answer was yes. Actually, plans for a sequel to School of Rock are very vague, but, well, at least he has given us some hope it might happen and we will welcome that sequel with much happiness, of course.

School of rock reunion 20th anniversary - jack black announces 'school of rock' reunion 20 years after premiere

What is a fact is the anniversary reunion, Black estimates that the co-stars will reunite by the end of this year. “We will get together and celebrate a 20th anniversary. We like to jam. I’m looking forward to seeing all the adults from School of Rock,” the actor said.

Likewise, the star assured that no doubt, they will take care of sharing pictures of the reunion through social networks for all the fans of the film. This reunion will likely happen, remember that the cast met in 2013 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the film, even starred in a special performance at Gibson Austin Showroom and played the iconic song from School of Rock, “Rock Got No Reason.”

There is no doubt that we will be looking forward to this reunion with great anticipation.

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