Who Are Ariel’s 6 Sisters of ‘The Little Mermaid’ and Why Are They of Different Ethnicities?

In Greek Mythology, the sisters represent each of the seven seas. 'The Little Mermaid' takes that inspiration to bring a very diverse family.

Isabel Cara

With the release of the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, all sorts of questions have arisen about the world of mermaids and the original myth. For example, why are all of Triton’s daughters different? Who are Ariel’s sisters in The Little Mermaid? We come with answers.

Who are Ariel’s Sisters in ‘The Little Mermaid’?

King Triton has seven daughters and each one is the guardian of one of the seven seas.

  • Attina: she is the eldest daughter of the king next to Queen Athena and, according to some fans’ theories, she would represent the Arctic Ocean.
  • Alana: she is the second daughter of King Triton and the next in line to the throne after Attina. According to users, she protects the Southern or Antarctic Ocean.
  • Adella: the third daughter of the king would represent the North Pacific Ocean.
  • Aquata: she is the most obsessive and compulsive of the seven sisters and would be the guardian of the South Pacific Ocean.
  • Arista: according to the original story, Arita is jealous of Ariel’s adventures, although she always tends to join them. She would represent the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • Andrina: the sixth daughter of King Triton would represent the South Atlantic Ocean.
  • Ariel: she is the youngest of the seven mermaids and would represent the Indian Ocean.

La sirenita 1 - who are ariel's 6 sisters of 'the little mermaid' and why are they of different ethnicities?

Another user claimed that, in reality, the representation of the sisters is ordered like this:

  • Attina: Bering Sea because she is the eldest
  • Alana: Black Sea because of her hair color
  • Adella: Mediterranean Sea because of her romantic personality
  • Aquata: Coral Sea because she is the shyest one
  • Arista: White Sea because of her hair color
  • Andrina: Caribbean Sea because she is carefree
  • Ariel: Red Sea because of her hair color

Why Ariel’s Sisters Belong to Different Ethnicities in ‘The Little Mermaid’

Regardless of Ariel’s father’s intimate life, each of the mermaids belongs to a different ethnicity because of the sea they represent. Depending on the area in which it is located, it is the birthplace of the sisters.

How Mermaids Reproduce and Are Born

If mermaids existed, according to some users, they would reproduce through eggs. The females would place them in the water for the male to fertilize them if they were oviparous. But if mermaids are ovoviviparous, the male must fertilize the eggs inside the female’s body through coitus.

Of course, mermaids are mythological beings, and many historians and anthropologists believe that the figure of this creature came to Greek culture through Egyptian influence since they had the Ba, a spirit with the body of a bird and a human head that acted as a mediator in the world of the living and the afterlife.

Ariel and her sisters in the live-action The Little Mermaid look beautiful, although many think otherwise. Unfortunately, the Disney film has been the target of racism and misogyny, and users’ discomfort with diversity. Still, we loved the seven daughters of King Triton.

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva