The Hidden Message Behind Legs, the Toy From ‘Toy Story’ That We Were Too Young to Understand

It seems that our age can end the little innocence we had left when watching Toy Story.

Gabriela Castillo

Almost every children’s movie has special references for adults, obviously when we watch them as children, our innocent minds are nowhere near discovering them… until our childhood is ruined as we grow up.

It is said that Disney is full of subliminal messages within its films, and Pixar would be a great example of this, as in Toy Story, one of the most successful films of the 90s, which currently leaves us shocked with a quite strong wink.

The Hidden Reference in Legs, one of Sid’s Toys

Let’s remember a little.

When Woody and Buzz get trapped in Sid’s room, the boy who is not very friendly with toys, they meet several dolls that are not very common in a toy store; most of them are armed with parts of others and, in our childhood, it seemed quite frightening because they were not in good hands. At that moment, we would have liked to adopt them all so that they wouldn’t suffer.

Now we can see it differently. A Twitter user shared the image of Legs, one of Sid’s toys made of Barbie legs and a fishing rod as a body.

Legs toy story - the hidden message behind legs, the toy from ‘toy story’ that we were too young to understand

Legs has a small hidden meaning that will end the innocence we had left, as this hybrid toy is a representation of a sex worker; as a toy, it can hook things, but in reality, it is a double entendre.

Childhood destroyed. We apologize, we went through the same thing.

Internet users made the connection with the words in English, that is, ‘hook’ means hook, while ‘hooker’ means pr0stitute.

Another Reference within Legs in ‘Toy Story’

Other users who have rejected the idea of Legs’ hidden message, claim that this toy along with the duck head, is a reference to the 1986 science fiction film ‘Howard the Duck’, directed by Willard Huyck, and the story by George Lucas.

This movie is about a talkative duck who arrives on Earth by mistake through an experimental laser. In fact, this character appears in American Marvel comics.

Legs toy story referencia howard the duck - the hidden message behind legs, the toy from ‘toy story’ that we were too young to understand

The truth is that the revelation about Legs has provoked a great debate, a lot of impact and also the desire not to have known it, so as not to stop watching Toy Story as little children over and over again.

Turning 30 is not as much fun, right?

Story originally written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva.