Ursula Was Never the Villain; She’s Just an Empowered Woman

Ursula is one of the most beloved Disney villains, and with the upcoming live-action film, we have to talk about why she was never the villain.

Isabel Cara

We have always seen Ursula from The Little Mermaid as an evil witch, full of hate, and who manipulated Ariel; however, we might’ve been wrong all this time. Lately, we have known the origin stories of great villains like the Joker, Maleficent, and Cruella, and we can realize that bad guys are not born that way, they are made that way and I don’t know about you, but we urgently need a movie where Usula’s role is vindicated.

If we really think about it, Ursula just wanted to make Ariel understand she shouldn’t leave everything for a man! In her foolishness, Ariel asked Ursula for legs; in return, she gave her her voice so she could conquer Eric, a prince who didn’t even know of her existence, who only wanted to marry, and who was not interested in anything but his own happiness.

That’s how cruel Eric was. Perhaps, Ursula used unusual, even violent techniques to make the Little Mermaid understand. It was not the right way, but there was no viable option for a girl as foolish as she was. If we analyze it well, Ursula is not so bad, in fact, she has a certain charm that catches us because although as children we saw her with fear, today we know that she is everything we want to be in life: fabulous, sensual, and strong. What more do we want from her?

Ursula the little mermaid not the villain discussion 1 - ursula was never the villain; she's just an empowered woman

Here are the reasons why she is not a villain, but the heroine herself and why she needs her own movie:

She Loves Her Body

To begin with, the octopus woman is sensual and knows she has everything to be fabulous. She loves her body, she shows it off by wiggling in the waves, and every time she looks in the mirror, she idolizes her reflection. She makes herself up for her, dresses up for her, and goes to great lengths to be wonderful just for her.

Her Ambition Was Justifiable

She is Triton’s sister, and they both lived in a beautiful palace under the guidance of their father, a God who, surprisingly, died and inherited the kingdom in equal shares; however, Triton took over more than half of it, leaving his sister with almost nothing. She did not know what to do in the face of the new king’s attitude and used a little black magic to demand her place. Then, Triton banished her, and so she lived in a cave. She only wanted to rule with her brother, no more.

He Always Sought Ariel’s Wellbeing

By helping her to be free. Ariel was repressed by her father, who locked her up and forced her to be well-behaved, but the mermaid was an adventurous and curious girl. Ursula understood her and knew that Triton was only an authoritarian and grotesque figure, so she incited Ariel to disobey him, but not to cause trouble (well, a little), but for her to free herself from the yoke of her father, who demanded, but never listened to her.

She Explained to Ariel That it’s Not Right to Change for a Man

The Little Mermaid is determined to have legs to conquer Eric, a human she saw on the surface. Ursula explained to her ad nauseam that if she put on legs and went out to meet him, he would not give her due attention, since, for the prince, legs were not exceptional, he always lived with women with limbs, it was common on earth. She would not be special to him, so why should she please him?

Ursula the little mermaid not the villain discussion 3 - ursula was never the villain; she's just an empowered woman

The Contract is Legal

He made her sign a contract in which he explained that if he provided her with legs she would lose her voice, so she had to keep her part of the bargain. If for some reason she didn’t, she would live in disgrace, and even with that, Ariel agreed, so she knew exactly what she was doing.

She Warns Her of Human Problems

Which Ariel doesn’t care about. Ursula sings to her that family is always the most important and that being so young (16 years old), love can be mistaken for attraction and is momentary, so he should think things through better… we all know Ariel didn’t realize that.

She Tries to Talk Some Sense into Her About Eric’s Feelings

Eric saw Ariel and fell in love with how beautiful she looked, even without her being able to say a single word because of the contract. He didn’t care where she came from or her life story, as long as she looked beautiful, he was happy. Ursula warned her and explained to her that it’s not all about the physique in a relationship, it’s also about the way you are, the character, and the life behind it.

She Is a Businesswoman

Her whole life revolves around lost souls and how she adopts them to benefit herself. We all saw her as a villain but isn’t she as persistent for it as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wallstreet? Exactly, both are powerful and persistent, so why not recognize the business merits of Triton’s sister as much as those of DiCaprio’s character?

Ursula the little mermaid not the villain discussion 7 - ursula was never the villain; she's just an empowered woman

She Is Persistent

Ursula doesn’t take no for an answer. When she wants something, she fights until she gets it. While it’s true that her mission was to destroy Triton with Ariel’s help, and we don’t entirely approve of it, she succeeded momentarily… She also proved to the girl that Eric didn’t love her when she sheathed herself in a human form, and as soon as she spoke to him, he fell surrendered at her feet.

She Tried to Keep Ariel from Making a Huge Mistake

How to accept Prince Eric’s conditions when he didn’t want her one bit? Although at the end of the movie they get married and are happy, he made her suffer a lot, and Ursula tried to stop her.

Ursula is wonderful, she has everything to succeed, and yet she was destroyed by Ariel’s ambition, who didn’t know what she wanted, she was just excited about something that dazzled her a little. After all these reasons, don’t you love Ursula much more than Ariel herself?

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva

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