Wes Anderson Will Return to the Big Screen with an Oscar-Winning Cast in ‘Asteroid City’

Wes Anderson will go all out with the spectacular cast of his next film, 'Asteroid City.'

Isabel Cara

Asteroid City

We already know that when we hear the name Wes Anderson we can expect a film with a strange and inspiring plot, full of color, with very well-cared frames, and a cast that is always the envy of many filmmakers. And in the latter respect, his upcoming film, Asteroid City, simply hits a home run.

Asteroid City, Wes Anderson’s Comeback with an Enviable Cast

Only Wes Anderson could bring together the best of the best in the acting world and make diametrically opposed artists connect in a special and meaningful plot. He has proven this to us through films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, which featured stars like Saoirse Ronan, Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, and Bill Murray; as well as The French Dispatch, with performances by Timothée Chalamet, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Léa Seydoux.

But we can bet that the cast of his next film, Asteroid City, will be the most surprising of all so far, as it will feature more than a score of award-winning artists such as Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, and more. The standouts on the list are Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Margot Robbie, Steve Carrell, Matt Dillon, and Maya Hawke, although they are not the only ones.

Other artists who have already collaborated with Anderson, such as Swinton, Brody, or Ed Norton will also be part of the cast, which will close its doors with celebrities like Jason Schwartzman, Jeffrey Wright, Liev Schreiber, Tony Revolori, Stephen Park, Rupert Friend, Rita Wilson, Hope Davis, Hong Chau, Jake Ryan, Grace Edwards, Aristou Meehan, Sophia Lillis, and Ethan Lee.

wes anderson asteroid city movie cast

What Is Asteroid City About?

According to Variety, this comedy-drama film will be set in the 1950s, in a fictional U.S. city with a desert feel called Asteroid City, and will primarily place us at an astronomy convention called the Junior Stargazer Convention. The purpose of the event is the observation of astronomical phenomena, and since it is a sort of summer camp for young scholars and their parents, it admits people from all over the country.

However, what seemed to be an idyllic meeting between astronomy lovers will turn into something a little more complicated due to strange situations that will occur in the town, as well as different types of encounters between the main characters of the film.

More Details About Asteroid City

The film is an original production of Focus Features, which is owned by Comcast, as well as Universal Pictures. Anderson directed it under a script he co-created with Roman Coppola, with whom he had previously worked on such films as The French Dispatch and Isle of Dogs, and also served on the producing panel along with some of his longtime collaborators, including Jeremy Dawson, Steve Rales, John Peet, and Octavia Peissel.

It is expected to have a limited and special premiere in the United States on June 16, and a wider release on June 23. It is also known that it will also be screened at the next edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

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