Bad Bunny as the Rightful Heir of Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson?

Bad Bunny's power in music has been historic and impressive.

Isabel Cara

Bad Bunny‘s power in music has been historic and impressive, so much so that Time magazine has recognized him through its cover, where the Puerto Rican posed for being the most influential character in the industry today.

Benito has become one of the most recognized personalities worldwide, breaking historical world records, collecting millions of dollars, and being a great representative of the urban genre. With each of his hits, the singer always tries to put his Puerto Rican flag on high, and during his interview with Time, he was no exception.

Is Bad Bunny “Heir to Frank Sinatra?”

For the first time in history, Time published an issue written entirely in Spanish and during the interview, Benito was questioned about his trajectory, success, and the future of his career. Likewise, Time said, without preamble: “With seven years of career, Benito, 29, is a legitimate heir to Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, or Beyoncé.” Because there is no doubt that Bad Bunny has conquered the whole world and is already a star of the stature of singers like The King of Pop.

Bad Bunny has gotten to where he is by staying true to his genre, his nation, his style, and his language, which has made him part of the emerging generation of male pop artists who defy the ideals of their branch, breaking all possible rules.

Bad Bunny broke the 2022 tour earnings record worldwide, with 435 million dollars, surpassing even Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Benito continues to reap achievement after achievement and, without a doubt, a long road full of success awaits him.

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva