Bellakath Wants to Do a Halftime Show and, Girl, We’re with You

If Shakira and Jlo made it, why couldn’t Bellakath sing one day at halftime of the Super Bowl?

Isabel Cara

Bellakath Wants to Do a Halftime Show and

With Latinos conquering the world, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that one day a Mexican will make it to halftime of the Super Bowl, and one of those could be Bellakath. Or so she hopes!

The Mexican singer and influencer has it very clear; it is one of her biggest dreams. On her Twitter account, Bellakath literally expressed her desire to get to the Halftime Show of the Super Bowl and sing her hit “Gatita:”

Her fans were present with messages like “If you can dream it, you can do it” and “I hope so, giiiiiiiiirl.” Hate? Of course, there was. They questioned her lack of repertoire, her style, her music, and her talent. However, we believe that her career is just starting, and sharing her dream is brave and means she is working to achieve it.

Who is Bellakath?

This singer became more relevant in 2022 when her song “Gatita” went viral on TikTok and broke records on platforms like Spotify. Bellakath has said that she seeks to break with the stereotypes that have been added to women who are dedicated to urban music and eliminate labels that have haunted them for years. For this reason, she does not stop preparing herself professionally.

She has other hits such as “La Gata de la Agrícola Oriental,” “Cumbiatronik,” “Lluvia de micheladas,” among others. These are all hits we hope to listen to once in the future during the Super Bowl’s Halftime Show!

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva