What Happened to Fergie From Black Eyed Peas? One of the Best Voices of the 90s

Fergie was a member of the Black Eyed Peas and became one of the best of the time.

Gabriela Castillo

It’s impossible not to remember Black Eyed Peas, one of the most famous groups of the 90s and early 2000s, which came to an end when Fergie decided to say goodbye.

The singer was known for being one of the best voices of the time, making every success of the band composed of Will.i.am, Apl.de.Ap, Taboo, J. Rey Soul, and herself, reach the top positions.

We have beautiful memories and songs from Black Eyed Peas that we can still listen to on the radio, some movies, parties, and nightclubs, although less frequently.

Why Fergie Left Black Eyed Peas

With the fame achieved, Fergie thought it was a good idea to launch herself as a soloist in 2017; however, she did not imagine that success was shared, since despite her effort, she never achieved the same relevance as when she was with the group.

During her solo career, the singer released two albums: The Dutchess (2006) and Double Dutchess (2017).

What Happened to Fergie after Black Eyed Peas?

Finally, Fergie decided to change her path and try her luck in film. She acted in movies like Planet Terror, Nine, Be Cool and even worked with Quentin Tarantino in Grindhouse.

But it was still not enough for the famous singer, so she explored other fields in dubbing. She acted as April in Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil; dubbed the voice of Jezabel in Marmaduke; and gave voice to a hippopotamus in Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa.

The Hope of Seeing Fergie Again with Black Eyed Peas

For a long time, there have been rumours of the reunion of Black Eyed Peas, where it is expected to hear Fergie sing those songs that almost became anthems like “Pump it”, “I gotta feeling”, “My humps”, and “Where is the love?”.

The hope remains alive thanks to the fans, although Will.i.am has ruled out any possibility on several occasions, arguing that Fergie is focused on other things, mainly on her role as a mother.

“She knows where we are. We are in the studio. And we love her, and she is focusing on being a mother (…) That’s a hard job, and that’s what she really wants to do, and we are here to help her. It’s really the way Fergie planned it, so we are respecting that,” he commented in an interview.

The truth is that it would be a very emotional and anticipated moment, so for now, we can only cross our fingers for this to happen.

Story originally written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva.