From a Mustache Comb to Clothing, Freddie Mercury’s Personal Treasures Are Being Auctioned

Mary Austin will auction more than 1,500 items belonging to Freddie Mercury and the proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations.

Gabriela Castillo

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest legends of music; his voice, music, style, and personality broke all possible barriers of his time.

The musician shared his life with his best friend Mary Austin, who was the universal heiress of all his belongings, and after three decades of keeping them under lock and key, she has decided to share them with the whole world.

Mary Austin Will Auction Treasures of Freddie Mercury

Mary Austin, the best friend of the Queen’s vocalist, reported that she will auction around 1,500 objects that are part of the musician’s belongings.

This collection includes manuscripts of his songs, costumes, portraits, among many other things. Remember that Mercury left his house, located in west London, and all his things to his great love.

“This collection of objects takes you to the deepest of the famous individual and the man I knew,” Austin told the BBC.

Among the treasures, Austin highlighted the portrait made by the French painter Tissot, this was the last piece of art that Freddie Mercury bought before dying from pneumonia caused by HIV.

Freddie mercury subasta de artículos

This painting was hung in a very special place inside the musician’s home, so that he could appreciate it comfortably when he was on the sofa. It is estimated that the value of this piece is close to $500,000.

Another of the most outstanding and valuable sentimental pieces is the manuscript with the lyrics of “We Are The Champions,” one of Queen’s most famous songs. The text is handwritten, and in addition to the lyrics, the chords and harmonies can be seen throughout nine pages.

Austin estimates that this manuscript will sell for about $250,000.

Another manuscript in the collection is that of “Killer Queen,” one of the band’s first hits, the lyrics were written in ink on paper in 1974.

Mary Austin said that it was not easy to put the manuscripts up for sale, as she considers that these are the ones that show the most beautiful side of the man who was Freddie Mercury.

“You’re looking at the process of an artist. The phrases, the rethinking, the starting over.”

Casa de freddie mercury

Mary, Freddie’s great love, decided to sell everything to close that chapter in her life, including the sequined suits, cape, and crown that the musician wore during his last tour with Queen in the 1980s.

Among the objects are also a small silver mustache comb, cocktail napkins with an embroidered F, the phone that was next to his bed, his favorite vest (which he used in the video for “These are the Days of Our Lives” in 1991 and on his silk, the hand-painted cats that belonged to the singer are displayed), his guitar, among many more valuable things.

The 1,500 items will be exhibited at Sotheby’s in London, in a gallery specially designed for the occasion.

The sale begins in September, and a collection of $7 million is estimated. Part of the money will be donated to charitable organizations.

Story originally written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva.