Grammy Awards 2023: What’s in the Luxury Gift Bags?

What’s in the 2023 Grammy gift bags? Because no one goes home empty-handed.

Isabel Cara

Grammy Awards 2023: What’s in the Luxury Gift Bags?

What the 2023 Grammy gift bags contain, is a question that arises every year, in one of the most important events to recognize the work in music. And we are about to live the 65th edition of the Grammy Awards to reward the best of music in 2022, at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles, California. For the third consecutive year, the ceremony will be hosted by Trevor Noah.

This is one of the most awaited events in the industry and, this time, Beyoncé is the artist with the most nominations, 88 in total, thanks to her recent album Renaissance, setting a new record in which she ties with her husband Jay-Z. The winners will be revealed until February 5, and in each category, there will be only one winner. However, no one leaves empty-handed, because the ceremony will give its guests a luxurious gift bag; each year these contain something different that arouses our curiosity of fans.

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What’s in the 2023 Grammy Gift Bags?

Los Angeles-based company Distinctive Assets has prepared very special gift bags for presenters and performers at the 2023 ceremony. The company’s founder, Lash Fary, mentioned that in this year’s gift bag, there will be brands that belong to a diverse and inclusive range of small businesses that benefit significantly from global exposure.

The Grammy 2023 gift bags that each attendee will receive is pre-assembled in recognition and appreciation for their participation, which includes a variety of giveaways such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, tech devices, and household items from brands such as ll Better Co, Banila Co. USA, Beekeeper’s Naturals, Beli, C60 Purple Power, MUTHA, Daily Energy Cards, DAX Hair Care, ēcōMD, Garnier, Lumibymari, Colorful Plates, JBL, Kind Reason Co. and Selfish Candles, to name a few.

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Luxury is not only seen in the celebrities’ outfits, their shoes or accessories, or simply in the Grammy awards, but also in the extraordinary gifts that the ceremony shows off for each of the nominees.

What time does the 2023 Grammy Awards begin?

The ceremony will begin at 6:00 p.m. in Los Angeles, California. The red carpet will be streamed about an hour earlier. We are getting closer and closer to knowing the winners of the 2023 Grammy Awards and the great music recognition of the last year.

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva