‘We Will Continue This Journey Together:’ Miley Cyrus Wrote the Words Every Fan Deserves

Miley Cyrus wrote the truth that all her fans who have accompanied her during this time deserve.

Isabel Cara

Miley Cyrus no saldrá de gira

Miley Cyrus is considered one of the best singers today and her recent album Endless Summer Vacation is proof of that. Besides being talented, Miley has always been characterized for being sincere and transparent and that is why she maintains a huge connection with her fans.

That’s why, through social networks, she shared a sincere message that we thank her with all our hearts. These are the words that every fan deserves to read from our idol.

Miley cyrus 3 - 'we will continue this journey together:' miley cyrus wrote the words every fan deserves

Miley Cyrus Explains Why She Won’t Go on Tour for Now

After the resounding success of Endless Summer Vacation, fans have expressed their wishes for Miley Cyrus to take it on tour. Yes, it is the traditional protocol after the release of an album, but the singer revealed that she would not be taking that step, at least not for now, as touring involves a much bigger effort that she is not ready to take for now.

Miley assured that she will not give shows and that it has nothing to do with her love for her fans.

“For clarity, I feel connected to my fans NOW more than ever. When I win, WE win. […] It isn’t what’s best for me right NOW, and if you’ve been following my career, you know that I always change, and the way I feel about it could too,” Miley penned via her notepad.

We’re not going to deny that we were looking forward to a Miley Cyrus tour to hear the beloved ‘Flowers’ live, but as good fans, we also understand that if she’s not ready, there’s no pressure.


Miley Cyrus’s Message Every Fan Dreams of from Their Idol

Miley Cyrus not only announced that she won’t be going on tour anytime soon, but she also told us the exact words that every fan dreams of hearing or reading from our idol. The American singer expressed how much connection she feels with all of us even though she doesn’t necessarily have to see us at a show, rather, it’s a heart-to-heart bond that she knows exists.

Also, the singer of ‘Flowers’ expressed herself completely transparent, without lies or pretexts, just the truth that all the fans who have accompanied her in this time deserve.

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva