The 10 Most Relaxing Songs That Will Help Reduce Anxiety And Stress

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It is no secret to anyone that everyday life is more unstable, fast-paced and with more worries. We live in a world that does not stop and as the days go by, there’s more work and responsibilities to handle. We are living a fast paced life so it’s common that stress is part of it.

What is stress?

Stress, according to its official definition, is a feeling of physical or emotional tension. It can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

According to an investigation carried out by Harvard University and Stanford, stress causes many health problems such as obesity, depression, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, and heart problems. 

We all have our methods to get rid of stress and to relax a bit, like having distractions such as painting, embroidery, exercising, playing sports, doing meditation or just doing nothing.

The fact is that music has a restorative power to heal our minds and our soul. According to an article, even some indigenous cultures have used music since ancient times to improve the health of sick people.  

Regarding this subject, David Lewis-Hodgson, a neuroscientist at the UK Mindlab agency, has investigated that songs, due to their characteristics, cause a state of relaxation in people.

In the year 2017, Lewis-Hodgson published the results of his experiment. He shared according to his study, the 10 most relaxing songs up to that moment.

 The Neuroscientist also warned that the exercises must be practiced with caution when listening to these songs and recommended, not to listen to them while doing activities that require much attention, such as driving a car or operating some type of machinery as it could cause excessive relaxation or even sleep.

If you are in need of some relaxing time, you can listen to the songs below:

10. ” We Can Fly “, de Rue du Soleil 

9. ” Canzonetta Sull’aria “, de Mozart

8. ” Some one like you “, de Adele

7. ” Pure Shores “, de All Saints 

6. ” Please Don’t Go “, de Barcelona

5. ” Strawberry Swing “, de Coldplay

4. ” Watermark”, de Enya

3. ” Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix) “, de DJ Shah

2. ” Electra “, de Airstream

1. ” Weightless ” , de Marconi Union

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