The Perfect Playlist For Those That Look For Something More Than Vanilla Sex

Everything is dark. The only lights you see are the neon red numbers of your alarm clock. The clothes have fallen to the floor with a thud and those hesitant touches have become bold, urgent. Your head is pounding with a rhythm and your body moves with practiced ease. Every movement is like a pattern, a puzzle you know by heart, so what’s missing? You’re not breathless and your eyes are not hazy with desire, in fact, you’re looking at that blasted clock, you follow its tempo, as it lights up and fades away.

“Sexy MF” – Prince

“I Just Want to Make Love to You” – Etta James

“Justify My Love” – Madonna

“Close the Door” – Teddy Pendergrass

Now, there’s nothing wrong with following the same rhythms when it comes to sex, vanilla is a comforting flavor and can be a beautiful intimacy. But, the issue is when this beautiful, intimate moment becomes part of a routine, a quota you have to fulfill. So what do you do when you realize you’re in a rut? Keep the missionary position and perhaps move to reverse cowgirl every blue moon? If you feel this throbbing sensation at the back of your head that something is missing, then perhaps it is time to look at something more primitive, something that lies at the very core of your being.

We’ve been creating music for thousands of years and music is part of our nature, it is our mating call. There is nothing more sexual than music, so if you listen to the beats and rhythms of these songs you’ll glide right into the delicious waters of the unknown and experience a new pattern that will leave you and your partner(s) breathless.

“Let’s Get It On” – Marvin Gaye

“P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” – Michael Jackson

“I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl” – Nina Simone

“Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus” – Serge Gainsbourg

Sex is all about enjoyment, fun, passion, and even laughter. It isn’t a duty but an awesome experience that binds you to people and allows that part you always keep under wraps to break free.

“Feel Like Makin’ Love” – Roberta Flack

“Light My Fire” – The Doors

“Baby I Need Your Loving” – The Four Tops

“I Want Your Sex” – George Michael

You might think this is the cheesiest thing ever, to spontaneously put on music and get it on. But music can really help you relax and unwind, and this helps in the overall experience with your partner. Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether your sex life is vanilla or triple caramel, chocolate chunk, whatever that may mean, what matters is that you enjoy sex to the fullest extent.


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