Shakira and Karol G Confirm Collaboration with a Bomb Pic!

The Colombian icons Shakira and Karol G confirmed their collaboration, for which there is already a release date and a preview of the lyrics.

Alejandro Vizzuett

karol g and shakira

United by the same pain of betrayal, Shakira and Karol G decided to combine their voices to create a new song titled ‘TQG’ (‘Te Quedó Grande,’ by its acronym in Spanish, which means it was big on you), which there will be a double helping of hints.

Both singers were betrayed by the people they loved the most. Anuel AA cheated on Karol G with the singer Yailin ‘La Más Viral,’ while Gerard Piqué ended his relationship of more than 12 years with Shakira after meeting Clara Chía. Since the interpreter of ‘Anthology’ released the song ‘’Session #53,′ with BZRP, various rumors arose that something tremendous was coming on a duet next to her countrywoman, Karol G.

When Will ‘TQG’ Get Out?

Through their social media accounts, the Colombian singers shared a photograph where they look amazing and more “bichotas” (a term that was invented by Karol G and has meant empowerment for women ever since) than ever. The famous stars appear kneeling, barefoot, and wearing outfits that perfectly match the color of their hair. In the description, Shakira and Karol G announced that their next song together will be released in the first minutes of this February 24. “We know you were waiting for it and here we are! TQG February 24 00:00. Barranquilla. Medallo,” the publication reads.

Lyrics of ‘TQG’, the collaboration of Karol G with Shakira

A few hours after the Colombians confirmed the long-awaited collaboration, they leaked through social media a fragment of the song, which is filled with hints.

“Al menos conmigo, yo te mantenía bonito,” Karol G sang in the excerpt, which can be translated as “At least with me, I kept you beautifully.” On her part, Shakira sang: “Tú estás saliendo a buscar comida afuera, y yo pensando que era la monotonía,” which means: “You went out searching for food outside, and I thought that it was all because of the monotony.”

Before all this, ‘La Bichota’ told in an interview for The New York Times that when Shaki saw the lyrics, she fell in love with the song since she felt identified. “She was like: ‘Oh my God, thanks. The lyrics reflect perfectly how I feel now,’” remembered the Colombian.

She also explained, without revealing more details, that ‘Te Quedó Grande’ is a ballad with reggaeton rhythms. Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated collaborations by fans, and even for the no-so-called fans of both singers.

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva