The Animated Videos Show The Decadence And Eroticism We’re Living In

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.
“Video Killed the Radio Star” was the first video to be transmitted on MTV in the eighties. This video wisely talked about how artists who based their careers on Radio would be forgotten thanks to this new media. That’s why videos were born, to give a more solid and conceptual image to those singles that voraciously tried to position themselves on top of the charts
Today, music TV channels have focused more on reality shows that have little to do with riffs, concerts, and musical movements, qualities that used to characterize those channels. Instead, social media like YouTube, Spotify, Google Music, among others, have taken control over these topics and have become leading platforms in charge of showing the musical offer to the world.

Here are five songs that used animation in their videos. These display all the longing of the videos that were aired during the nineties. Moreover, they managed to be forever seared into the mind and ears of music lovers.

“Paranoid Android” — Radiohead

This is a story filled with a harsh realism, portraying a decadent image of human beings.

“Rocket Brothers” — Kashmir

This video, created by the undervalued Danish band, tells the story of two brothers, divided by envy and jealousy, that reunite only after death.

“The Girl in the Yellow Dress” — David Gilmour

In this video, Gilmour, universally known as the co-lead singer of British band Pink Floyd, tells the story of a beautiful woman at a bar in a very erotic and sensual manner.

“Fantasy” — DyE

French musician Juan Guillebon, best known as DyE, only had one successful song: “Fantasy.” The polemic video of this song is loaded with surrealism and graphic violence that, together with the music, was acclaimed by critics as a high quality work.

“Do the evolution” — Pearl Jam

Launched in 1998 by Eddie Vedder’s band, this song criticizes the technological evolution that makes humans believe they have the utmost power over the world. As Vedder declared, “Do the Evolution” talks about those that drown in technology and those who believe our species has control over the planet.

Music is a multidisciplinary expression that, together with a video and a concise message, can improve awareness and diverse emotions in people’s guts.


There are some who still affirm that music made in the past was better and original; however, these songs prove that music is always evolving and not necessarily in a negative way. Here are 8 Songs That Will Take You On A Nostalgic Trip To Your Teens.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards