Meet Claudia, the Strange Model Created With AI to Sell Photos in Onlyfans

The model created with AI has generated great controversy among OnlyFans users for her striking, but false beauty.

Gabriela Castillo

mujer creada con inteligencia artificial

A pair of huge and expressive eyes managed to fool OnlyFans users, who were amazed by Claudia’s beauty.

What few knew is that behind this 19-year-old model is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a pair of computer science students.

This Is How Claudia, the Onlyfans Model Created With AI

According to Rolling Stone, Claudia was designed using Stable Difussion, one of the most commonly used tools for creating images with AI.

The mysterious young people behind this model reportedly used the descriptions of “woman without makeup with dark hair to the shoulders, simple background, straight hair and bangs” to make Claudia a reality.

According to the students, they opened the account as a joke after a man revealed he earned $500 selling photos of women.

Claudia, according to the Wapo’ website, has won over several OnlyFans users, who have paid between $10 and $20 for a photo of the ‘fake’ model.

Claudia modelo ia fotos onlyfans - meet claudia, the strange model created with ai to sell photos in onlyfans

Onlyfans Will Tell You When an Image Is Real or Created by AI

This way of making money with images created with artificial intelligence has become very popular, but the platform has already laid its cards on the table.

The platform has changed its monetization method and will alert users with an announcement to let them know if the photo is real or the work of AI.

Claudia is the most evident example that not everything we see on the Internet is real.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI, according to Oracle, is the name given to applications with the ability to perform complex tasks that previously required human intervention.

How to Tell if an Image Was Created With AI

At first glance, it is not visible, but if we look closely, we can notice some imperfections in photos created with artificial intelligence.

According to TecnoXplora, while it is not easy, it is not impossible either, but there are tricks to achieve it.

The first would be the watermark that some creators usually use to mark their authorship, and the second is pure observation.

Although AI creates almost realistic creations, there are still several details that need work, especially when it comes to people.

Story originally written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva.