The Pentagon Gives Its First Official Description of the Downed UFOs

The first official report about the three downed UFOs is released by the United States.

Isabel Cara

The Pentagon Gives Its First Official Description of the Downed UFOs

The Unidentified Flying Object, downed last Saturday in Yukon (Canada) by the United States Armed Forces, was described in an official report as a “small metallic balloon with a load tied below it.” The official information about the UFO was made public through a memorandum the Pentagon sent to certain congressmen, and was published exclusively by the CNN network.

So far, the United States confirmed that it shot down three UFOs in Alaska, Yukon (Canada), and Lake Huron. The Pentagon memorandum describes the UFO that was located in Canadian territory. To be eliminated, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave authorization to the United States to shoot it down. In early reports, the UFO had been described as a “cylindrical” object that had flown over several American cities before entering Canada.

In the case of the UFO that was downed in Lake Huron in Michigan, the Pentagon report states the object “descended slowly and gradually” into the water after the impact. According to CNN, the memorandum is part of the demand from several congressmen to know firsthand what is happening with the unidentified flying objects. It should be remembered that, on February 4th, the United States shot down a Chinese balloon in South Carolina that supposedly served as a spy instrument.

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What is Going on with UFOs in the United States?

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has been heavily criticized after the downing of the UFOs, as thousands of people see it as a response to cover up the scandal over the famous Chinese balloon. In addition, numerous rumors have arisen about an environmental disaster in Ohio that the authorities do not want to be discussed in the media.

Within the memorandum, according to CNN’s report, the object that was shot down in Alaska last Friday was the size of “a small car” and in no way resembled the Chinese balloon shot down on the shores of South Carolina. “We do not have any more details about the object at this time, including the full extent of its capabilities, its purpose, or its origin. It should not be assumed that the events of the past few days are connected. Our priority is to recover and analyze the objects,” stated the Pentagon.

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva News.