Dragon Eye: a Majestic Natural Spectacle in Iceland, the Country of Geysers

One of the most wonderful landscapes in Iceland is the Dragon Eye, formed by a geyser and several streams that resemble that part of the body of this mythical animal.

Alejandro Vizzuett

Iceland could be the quintessential country of fantastic landscapes. With its enormous waterfalls, its green fields that blend into the earth, and its vast geysers, this is undoubtedly a land that sums up fantasy. Free of drab buildings, small streets, and endless advertising, Iceland remains one of the youngest nations in Europe but is also a symbol of the power of nature. From its name, Iceland pays tribute to one of the greatest energetic forces on the planet: geysers.

In essence, the word “geyser” is derived from the Icelandic verb gjósa, which means “to erupt.” Such is the landscape of this country for the most part, covered with geysers that transport the purest energy on the planet to the surface.

Dragon eye geyser iceland visit 3 - dragon eye: a majestic natural spectacle in iceland, the country of geysers

What Are Geysers?

A Geyser is a type of hot spring that releases huge columns of boiling water. In equal parts, they are steam and water eruptions at unthinkable speed and force. They come from wells in the subsoil which have been formed after a volcanic eruption. When the subsoil water comes into contact with the magma, a kind of volcanic activity occurs that heats the water very quickly.

It is precisely this heating that causes the water to increase in volume and build up pressure, causing cracks along the subsoil and soil. When the water is pushed with great pressure, it is then thrown to the surface along with other gases. Although there are different types of geysers, they all look spectacular, and observing them becomes part of an almost alien journey, and the Dragon Eye is an example of this.

Dragon eye geyser iceland visit 2 - dragon eye: a majestic natural spectacle in iceland, the country of geysers

Dragon Eye in Iceland

When nature photographer Manish Mamtani ventured on a trip to Iceland, he discovered that the emerald-colored geothermal pools were one of the country’s most striking natural attributes. After enjoying its sunsets, waterfalls, and its green horizon, a short walk to a geothermal area seemed like the best of all tours.

On a brief time before dawn, Manish reached a geothermal area that was bathed in a warm golden light. That’s when he decided to fly his drone and explore the area; the rest was just amazement and taking pictures.

The natural frame was perfect: the water steam next to the sun’s rays, and the clear game of colors gave life to one of the photographer’s most extraordinary images: the Icelandic Dragon Eye. It does not take too much imagination for bringing this fantasy portrait to life.

With a deep green in the center of the geyser that blends tenderly with a turquoise blue, the Dragon Eye comes to life. A well-defined outline highlights the boundary between what we would call the eye and the rest of the dragon’s body, and a series of streams perfectly meet the appearance of scales.

Undoubtedly, not in all places on the planet or in all the geysers of Iceland there are scenarios like this. A person would have to be in the ideal place, with the perfect light and the correct approach, to discover in nature the most incredible inspiration.

Story originally published in Spanish in Ecoosfera