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These days, military-inspired jackets are a recurring element on the runway and the high street. But do you know the history behind this iconic wardrobe staple?
The American, Four in hand, Windsor, Cross... nothing dirty here! These naughty sounding words are the names of tie knots. Read on and learn how and when to wear them.
There's still time to enjoy the summer, and here are very cool, trendy bathing suit for curvy women that will highlight your amazing body.
In the industry of the reckless and shallow, Zendaya stands out for being quite down to earth. A woman that speaks her mind and is willing to tear clichés apart, Zendaya has no fear nor regret to set the example for whomever is willing to follow her way.
New York is definitely a mecca for fashion, and who better to give us the best looks than the iconic fictional characters who live in the city?