10 Hairstyles You Can Try In Less Than A Minute To Look Gorgeous

10 Hairstyles You Can Try In Less Than A Minute To Look Gorgeous

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Jim Morrison once said, "Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts.” Before you look at photos from the past and start cringing at your looks, it's time to find fresh new hairstyles. The image we share with the world, for better or for worst, still determines the way people act around us. 

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Both genders need to be careful with their personal hygiene and looks; they both need to take the time to style their hair, iron their clothes, and check every last detail of their outfit. So, if you’re a man or a woman who constantly rushes your friends, family members, or the love of your life to get ready, you need to stop doing it. Time becomes irrelevant when the personal image you’re presenting to the world is not impeccable. Enhancing your visual presence is more important than anything, and people will appreciate your effort.

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Of course, time still matters, there will be occasions when you won’t be able to spend long hours achieving the perfect look. So if you’re a woman looking to reduce those hours, but still look flawless, this list will give you some tips to get ready in no time. These styles will still make you feel confident and gorgeous.

Low Ponytail

hairstyles ponytail

A low ponytail at the nape of the neck is the secret to get a laid back look. You can use your hair to cover the elastic to make it neater.

Ballerina Bun

hairstyles ballerina bun

This style fuses rock and glamour together and it is a perfect hairdo for a causal date or a VIP event. 

Half Up

hairstyles half up

If you’re going to a formal party, you will only need to tie half of your hair up, and let the rest loose.

Total back

hairstyles total back

You will probably need more hairspray than what you're accustomed to, but it is a trendy look that won’t fail.


hairstyles total back

Part your hair down in the middle for this simple look. It will never be out of fashion.


hairstyles hairband

It may not sound like the best option, but hairbands give the perfect vintage look.

Knotted scarf

hairstyles knotted scarf

This look might require more than 60 seconds, but the results are amazing. It is a cool and chic alternative that will complement any outfit.

French Twist

hairstyles french twist

Take all of your hair to one side and roll it up like a bun and this will create a messy, yet sophisticated look.

Mini Braids

hairstyles mini braids

Do some fine braids from the front of your head to the back and tie them together and you can cover the hairband with a strand of hair.

Top Knot

hairstyles top knot

Start by doing a high ponytail. Tie the rest to the top of your head to finish up this look.

You will only need a little bit of practice to do these hairstyles in less than a minute. Now, you only need to find the perfect outfit to go with them. If you want to try something more radical, you can dye your hair or get some highlights.

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