Here Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Step-By-Step Beauty Routine To Have Flawless Skin

Answering her followers’ questions about her personal beauty routine, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just gave us some great skincare and makeup tips.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an increasingly influential woman, and we should all pay attention to what she does, not only in terms of her government work, but also because of what her image represents for the future of young women and their access to power. With the popularity she’s gained since she started campaigning, and the constant focus there is on her, there’s no doubt that she’s become a huge role model for many, and we all want to know as much as possible about her, including every single one of her style choices.

On that matter, last Sunday, she took of her free time to answer her fans' questions on Instagram, and surprise surprise, some of the most-asked questions were about her beauty routine and how she keeps her skin flawless with all the stress she’s under on a daily basis. So, if you were also wondering what she does, here’s AOC's step-by-step routine to look beautiful and empowered every single day (plus some makeup tips to copy her elegant style).


Before we get to her actual routine, it’s important to note a crucial point she made, which is that every skin is different and reacts differently to different products. For her, skin care is more of a “hobby” she likes following and is constantly looking for stuff that works for her, according to her skin type.  

Prepping your skin for a night's rest

The very first thing AOC does is double-cleansing her skin, which is essential if you wear makeup constantly. She uses a balm or oil to melt the makeup and make it easier to remove completely. Once the skin is clean, she uses a soapy cleanser for deeper cleansing. She recommends using a face brush or a makeup towel to make the process more thorough. As an extra tip, she suggested using a face wipe before bed, just in case. Finally, she sometimes uses some face masks or eye patches for extra skin care. 


Maximize your beauty sleep

After properly cleansing her skin in the morning, she preps it for the day with some alcohol-free toners and actives, which are basically serums and active compounds like Vitamin C or retinol. Actives go right after the toner to benefit from the finish the toner gives to the pores. 

Moisturize and protect your face

Moisturizing is key to flawless skin. As AOC puts it, you should really go for the one that works for your specific skin type. It can be an oil moisturizer or a lotion, it depends on you. Right after the moisturizer has set in, she applies sunscreen which, as she claims, is the most important step of her routine.


The secret to her subtle makeup

While she never goes for full-coverage foundation, she does like BB creams and tinted moisturizers to even her skin tone. Afterwards, she puts on some concealer, mascara, blush, a bit of highlighter, brow gel (her brows are iconic!), and lipstick. Just last year, when she revealed she uses Stila’s Stay All Day liquid lipstick in "Besos" as her signature lipstick, it was sold out all over the country. But basically, a nice and classic red lip will do the job. 

Extra tips for fancy looks

For more formal or fancy events, AOC adds some more steps to her makeup routine including some powder contour, eyeliner, and a bit of eyeshadow, though never too much nor too colorful to keep it in line with her everyday makeup. 


If you were wondering how much she spends on all of these, she clarifies that she likes wearing both high-end (or as she puts it “nice makeup”) and drugstore makeup. But perhaps the most important message is that just because she does it this way doesn’t mean it’s a rule or that we should all follow her routine. More importantly, that makeup is just a tool to play, have fun, and treat ourselves and that not wearing it is also okay.

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