These Colorful Coats Will Convince You To Give Your Basic Black One A Break

Switch your dark colored coats with these bright and cheerful options.

Winter is coming. Oh, no nevermind, winter is already here. And with it comes that time of the year where we all take out our coziest scarves and headgear to survive the freezing cold that, without a doubt, gets worse each year. And how could I forget, coats! The time has come to dust off those season beauties. Let’s say you are set and ready to face chilly days, and while you go out to run errands or go to work, and oh, surprise: what’s supposed to be a month of cheer and joy filling the air, seems to have turned into a second Halloween. Almost every person you bump into is wearing either a black or grey coat (maybe including yourself).

As a matter of fact, while coming up with a way to approach this season’s fashion tips, I was scrolling down at some Instagram accounts, and I found out that the black parade of coats wasn’t only happening on the streets. It was also all over the digital world! From about 10 pictures I could find of winter outfits, only one of them included a colored coat. I have to say, this piece of fashion was particularly beautiful: red, fluffy, chic, and comfy.

Sure, all of those dark coats are beautiful, but I still can’t believe that almost no one dares to use a more colorful option. I can understand why people choose dark colors over bright ones. They're easier to match and can be used for different situations. But I think they're also overlooking amazing items that might give their winter outfit a more cheerful and seasonal style.

While sober colored coats are useful for any occasion and for almost every outfit, they are overall very dull. Let’s face it. We all have at least one of those, but we could also add a little spark to our closet with bright colors, and it wouldn’t be that bad. Since “‘tis season to be jolly,” why shouldn’t we blend in with a jolly outfit too? You can still use your black, grey (or even dark blue) coats every once in a while. But now that stores will be offering ridiculously tempting sales, why don’t you take a look around and see if there’s a colored one, waiting just for you.

Wearing bright colors like yellow may be difficult at first, but don’t worry. I can assure you there’s something in your closet that can be fashioned into an outfit that will match this coat. Denim jeans are the perfect element for yellow clothing, since the blue makes a perfect contrast to yellow elements. You can also wear black clothes to add an elegant touch to your outfit. If you’re looking for something more casual, white shirts can do the trick. Also, you can sweep in some purple items, and they’ll work perfectly fine.

Without a doubt, red is way more friendly than yellow. It’s also a little bit more elegant. When it comes to red, black and white outfits are always the way to go. Always. The contrast works beautifully. But if you’re looking for a fancy adaptation of this style, match the red coat with grey or plain black. If you’re aiming for a casual look, denim will do the trick.

Blue is a very useful color: it can be as classy, sober, elegant, or as chic as you want. More importantly, it's so versatile you can match it with other colors. On the one side, blue coats with brown or golden accessories can give a very classy style to your outfit, but if you change brown for grey, the look sobers up instantly. If your intention is to create a more casual/ everyday look while using a blue coat, white tops and denim are the best idea to pull it off.

Green coats can convey a sort of autumn feeling, but don’t worry. They can be used as a winter outfit as well. Very much like blue coats, gold accessories can go perfectly fine with green. For a night out, black outfits and green coats will do the trick. And then again, like blue coats, for daytime activities, white shirts and denim jeans are fail-safe.

Patterns can be tricky and bold choices, but they can also be very stylish if you wear them properly. The most reliable outfits that match such colorful coats are mostly monochrome. Sometimes, when these coats are not that eye-catching, you can try wearing the most prominent color of your coat underneath. But be careful not to end up creating an outfit that looks more like a costume.


Did any of these coats catch your eye? If you’re still not sure about colorful coats, I’m pretty sure that if you visit your nearby mall, you’ll surely find something that’ll fit you just fine. Unlike dark outfits, bright ones open up the possibilities to create limitless combinations of colors, textures, and prints. So, get out and embrace the seasonal joy with a colorful coat!


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