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The Ultimate Amy Winehouse Guide To Style

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 13 de septiembre de 2017

There are people that were just destined to become cultural icons. Their personality and talent were so great that with just a pinch of it they left a huge mark in the world. We could name a few, but today it’s going to be all about the great Amy Winehouse, a woman whose unique emotional voice and brutishly honest lyrics conquered the world of music in a time that didn’t feel as her own. That timeless vibe in her presence has made her one of the most important musicians of the last century, even comparing her with those emblematic voices like Janis Joplin or even Aretha Franklin in terms of intensity and emotional depth. You might not agree with me on this, but that’s a discussion for another day. What really matters here ––and no one can really argue with me on this–– is that she had all the elements to become a symbol of rebelliousness, honesty, sorrow, and intensity. And all of this is key to be in the position she reached during her life, which was even greater after she passed away. 

Bearing all this in mind, there’s no doubt that Amy Winehouse is an unforgettable character. That timeless essence I mentioned left a mark not only in the music world but also in fashion. So, we’ve compiled some of her fashion highlights that have definitely become a signature of her modern vintage style. If you want to adopt her look, just follow this guide.

Classic Beehive Hairstyle

I mean, this is probably her trademark look and the one many try to copy when it comes to honoring her style. Amy was all about drama and going big. She even stated once that “the more insecure I feel, the bigger my hair has to be,” and in a way that’s what all her style is about. She'd decorate her hairdo with big and visible ornaments like flowers, bandanas, and even pins. So, no matter how exaggerated your hair looks, the bigger the better.

Statement Accessories

If you pay close attention to Amy Winehouse’s style, she doesn’t really wear many accessories, but the ones she uses have become essential pieces of her looks. Encompassing her long, big, and ornamented hair Amy used to complement her look with colorful earrings, generally huge hoops. Besides that, she often wore a discrete gold necklace (or none) and bracelets, but all the attention was often focused on her clothes generally adorned with a wide belt to contour her waist and hair.

Iconic Makeup

Just as the hair, these are her fashion trademarks. Either bright red or nude lips, just a hint of blush, and a super dramatic thick wing eyeliner that almost reached the eyebrows. To make the eye look even more dramatic, she used to pack her lashes with black mascara. To complement her vintage, pin-up makeup look, most of the time she wore bright red nails.

Pencil Skirts and Vintage Dresses

For her, most of her look was based on vintage styles from the fifties and sixties, but always adding some modern hints to it. She embraced the style but made it her own so it would be more than just a costume. One of the ways she achieved this was through short tight pencil skirts and dresses, or even fluffy ones, like those of the times of the vintage diners. Don’t forget to add a belt to accessorize it.

Polo Shirts

Just like her classic dresses and skirts, she was constantly spotted wearing polo shirts. She loved them so much that she even made a collaboration with the British brand Fred Perry to launch a set of designed shirts. She combined them with almost everything and made them part of her signature look.

Shoe Selection

There are basically two options here. When she performed or made public appearances, she was often wearing stilettos commonly known as “sky-high” or "pumps". But she was also seen wearing classic ballerina slippers (literally), especially combined with her casual looks (denim shorts or skinny jeans and a basic tank top).

The most important thing is not to imitate all the details of her style to look like a costume, but to embrace her essence. What I mean is, she was always a very straightforward person who didn’t care about what others thought or said about her. She presented herself just as she was, and maybe that’s what made her style so iconic.


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