6 Reasons Why Your Leggings Will Look Like An 80s Mullet In 5 Years
How About

6 Reasons Why Your Leggings Will Look Like An 80s Mullet In 5 Years

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By: Maria Suarez

June 6, 2017

How About 6 Reasons Why Your Leggings Will Look Like An 80s Mullet In 5 Years
Avatar of Maria Suarez

By: Maria Suarez

June 6, 2017

Before I say anything else I should clarify: I wear leggings. I do. I like purple, grey, green, patterned, fleeced, and the kind with lace trimming. I wear them with dresses, men’s t-shirts, tunics, and shorts. They’re comfortable and great for cold weather. I wear them at least twice a week.

That being said, I remember my combined excitement and skepticism when the trend rolled around in 2006. Everyone was on the fence. They said nobody wanted to wear the eighties and nineties staple. But slowly and surely it was inserted into our everyday style. We might not wear the capris version under a denim skirt anymore. But we’ll wear them with an oversized shirt or tee. We’ll wear them with a tank top on a lazy Saturday when we’re only going to Pilates and the supermarket. Yet, as leggings become more than just a trend and insert themselves as a staple of the culture and fashion, there are some ways we should all stop using them. After all, we don’t want to look back to our selfies in shame.

Here are 6 ways to wear leggings that will surely involve a picture you’ll want to erase and forget about forever.

Oddly placed prints

There’s many cute prints and patterns out there to choose from. That being said, always consider where the image is going. Because you don’t want to have an uncomfortable moment where you realize you didn’t want a kitten placed right on your crotch. Also consider that, when taking a picture, the print might not come off as clear. Avoid a weird moment and consider these things before you buy.

leggings no nos glitter shimmer cat in the crotch-w696-h687

Flesh colored

How many times have you been minding your own business at the supermarket when suddenly you look in front of you and you think, “Is that lady pantless?” The stretchy material combined with nude colors are a real no no. Even if you’re wearing something to cover your front and behind, it will still look super awkward. Like, is that skin or not?

leggings no nos glitter shimmer flesh colored-w696-h687

Wearing them in lieu of pants

Leggings are leggings, pants are pants. It should be clear, and yet I keep seeing people on the street wearing them like they’re their nicest pair of jeans. I can’t seem to find one person who can pull off wearing a pair of leggings they bought for $5 as a pair of pants. Jeggings are different. Pants made out of stretchy material is a whole other story. Your fast fashion cotton lycra stretchy tights are not a choice for pants.

leggings no nos glitter shimmer.jpg streetwear-w696-h687

Cut outs

I’ll say this: these look really nice at dance or spin class. But that’s it. Don’t wear these out on the street unless you’re on your way to an eighties themed party or your cosplaying as the girl from Flashdance.

leggings no nos glitter shimmer weird-w696-h687

Holiday Motifs

Leggings have become the new ugly Christmas sweater. They’re cute if you’re staying inside, snuggled with a couple quilts, a mug of hot chocolate, and Netflix. But don’t wear them out to a dinner or party. Please.

leggings no nos glitter shimmer.jpg christmas-w696-h687

Glitter ones

These look super cute. Unfortunately, they don’t look as cute in the real world. Wear them at your own risk. Just consider that you might get confused with a Holiday ornament.

leggings no nos glitter shimmer-w696-h687

You don't have to follow my opinion. After all, fashion is all about breaking the rules. But instead of looking to other people or the mannequin at the store for inspiration, try things on and think about how the pieces work with your own style.