Going on 30s: wardrobe essentials for styling this new decade of your life

You are evolving and your wardrobe must do it too, so take a look to these clothing essentials every woman in her 30s must have in order to get the perfect style update

The great 30s, one of the most powerful decades in a woman's life that should be reflected on their day-to-day looks. Although it shouldn't be a huge change from your 20s wardrobe, it is a great idea to slowly transition some of your basic pieces to suit your necessities better. You're at an important point in your life, and having clothes that fit your style and make you feel comfortable 24/7 should be a priority.

So, if you need some ideas on which are the pieces that you should upgrade or change in your closet to amp up your fashion game in your 30s, then you’ve come to the right place.


Starting point

Every time you want to change, upgrade, declutter or do anything to your wardrobe, start by thinking carefully not only about specific pieces but rather by analyzing your lifestyle, clothing values, versatility, personal style. The whole point here is to come up with a functional way of styling yourself every single day without struggling with not knowing what to wear.


  • Blouses: The major change here is to try adding more blouses to your collection. These are very comfortable to wear and formal enough for work, so you can combine them with jeans, leggings, or dress pants and still look appropriate for the office, a meeting, or any event basically, day or night. 
  • Shirts: Along with them, you should also take advantage of the shirt's versatility. Either plain neutral shirts or colorful prints think of basic combinations you can play with so you don't have an excess of shirts.
  • Proportions: if we had to fit tops into percentages, we would say that blouses should take around 40% of your wardrobe space, shirts another 40%, and other styles like tank tops, t-shirts, or even crop tops the remaining 20%.


  • Wide/straight leg: instead of rocking those skinny or ripped jeans daily, give wide or straight leg bottoms a chance. Either jeans or dress pants, this style will help you not only look more mature and sophisticated but also play with your body shape since this particular cut will make your legs look slimmer and elongated.
  • Not fold but tailor: tailoring your clothes is a great symbol of elegance. If your bottoms fit quite long on you, stop folding them, and better have them tailored to your liking, even if they are jeans because the cut/distress ends are not that big of a thing as of right now.
  • Shoes

  • Heels: Heels can be a great trick to elevate any given look, even casual ones. They look amazing with either jeans or dress pants, for a brunch date of a meeting and they stylize your legs well. You don't have to get tons of those, a couple of nice comfortable basics will suffice.

  • Flat shoes: if you are not a heel person, then flats, mules, wedges, or even some sorts of platforms can be a great option for you. It's not that you can't rock sneakers anymore, you definitely can, just try to level up your fashion game with different styles of shoes.


    Dresses and skirts

  • Mid-length: This is one of the most flattering lengths for all body types. Skirts or dresses, flowy or fitted, you'll be amazed at how trendy and sophisticated they can look. You can combine them with heels, flats, blouses, shirts or simple t-shirts, or even sneakers for more casual looks. There are so many options for any occasion, style, and comfort. 

  • Cocktail or formal: Now itis the time to invest in a statement, breathtaking cocktail dress that makes you feel fabulous at any glam event you get invited to. 

  • Pencil skirts: if you were debating whether you should try a new style or not, this is your cue to give a fair shot to pencil skirts. Again, you can buy them mid-length and dress them as formally as you feel comfortable with them. That's a great way to highlight your curves and elongate your legs in the classiest way possible.

  • Accessories

    Jewelry: We all have this relative who has owned a statement piece of jewelry for ages. So, if you have been thinking about starting a life-lasting collection, this is the perfect time to start! Look for high-quality, timeless pieces that you can wear with everything, and they won't deteriorate with time so that you can accessorize forever and ever from now on. You can still get some trendy affordable pieces but try buying once in a while more high-quality pieces.


    The most important lesson is that fashion has no age nor gender, is all about playing and feeling comfortable. The idea is starting to dress accordingly to your life or common situations you find yourself into rather than "age-appropriate" pieces.

    Photos from Unsplash and Shutterstock

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