7 Bathing Suits That Will Make You Want To Rock Your Curves This Summer

Theres still time to enjoy the summer, and here are very cool, trendy bathing suit for curvy women that will highlight your amazing body.

We’re in the era of “wear whatever you like no matter what people think,” and although I really like the motto and applaud those who really don't care, most of the time I find it quite hard to just follow the idea blindly. We all have insecurities, especially when it comes to our bodies, and even more when we’re the most exposed (hello, summer!), and as someone with curves, let me tell you that expecting our insecurities to just vanish with a nice motto and movement isn’t as easy as it might sound. Especially, when it comes to choosing a nice bathing suit for the vacations. But, fortunately, nowadays, if you don't feel like showing too much skin, there's no need to hide your body under huge towel. There are endless choices designed to make us feel comfortable with ourselves while having the best time not worrying about our crazy insecurities. The trick is finding the perfect silhouette for you. So, with that in mind, here are some of the best designs to rock our beautiful curves this summer.

High-waisted bottom

This is basically the holy grail of bathing suits, since it actually looks great on every single body type. These jewels that were rescued from old times aren’t only great if you feel like concealing your tummy, but also to add that extra stylish vibe to your beach or pool outfit. 


Flowy top

The idea of bathing suits is to make us feel comfortable while swimming, and look great while we’re hanging out by the water. Nowadays, flowy tops with fringes or ruffles have become really trendy, and more importantly, they do create a nice silhouette for our body.


One-shoulder suits

If you want to draw the eye away from those parts that make you feel more insecure, you can always go for a unique design that calls attention elsewhere. One shoulder pieces are perfect, not only because they create an interesting silhouette, but also because they make their unique cut the center of attention.


Full suit

The days when one-piece suits only came in boring colors have fortunately been gone for some years now. Actually, it doesn’t matter what type of body you have, these ones are trendy right now and they can be really flattering on anyone. You just have to make sure that the cut fits you perfectly and you won’t have to worry about anything else.


With sleeves

If you’re the kind of person who loves fashion-forward pieces to make a statement during your vacations, this cut is going to be your favorite one. Suits with sleeves have become one of those statement pieces to upgrade your looks while keeping everything in place to make you feel comfortable.


Crop Top 

Another piece that’s becoming a season favorite, and not only when talking about bathing suits, is definitely crop tops. You wear them with your everyday outfits, and now you can make them your signature piece during vacations as well. Pair them with a nice high-waisted bottom and you’ll be ready to rock your style by the pool.



Last but not least we have to talk about this particular piece that’s been around for years now, but that every season gets a very cool and stylish upgrade. If you’re still looking for something flattering that doesn’t expose that much skin, these are going to do the job perfectly.


For me, going swimming is one of my absolute favorite things ever but I must admit that up to very recently it was a set of mixed feelings since I didn’t really like wearing regular bathing suits. Nowadays, fashion in that department has changed so much that there’s definitely more than one piece that will bring you back that confidence by making you look fabulous. Remember that fashion, after all, is about pieces that make you feel comfortable to let you shine. After all, you’ll be wearing them at a moment of fun and leisure, so just feel free and enjoy.


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Cover photo by @eloquii