6 Reasons Why You Should Ditch The Lace And Wear A Sports Bra

6 Reasons Why You Should Ditch The Lace And Wear A Sports Bra

They might not be the most discreet but they're definitely the comfiest!

Okay, before going to the point, let me tell you that, until recently, I had terrible issues with bras. I was told that girls who didn’t wear bras would eventually have saggy breasts at a very young age. I started wearing bras since I was eleven, and I didn’t really have boobs at the time. Somehow that became an irrational fear that I can't let go of, even though I know it's BS. It’s like the stupid fear I have of getting the polio virus from eating coconut in the street because that’s how my uncle allegedly contracted it. Although the virus is basically eradicated in my country, no matter how much I crave for a coconut I’ve never been able to eat one in any place that’s not the beach. 

So, going back bras, yeah, I’m a bra freak who can’t live without them. More than that, I’m pretty sure I’ve never worn the right size or the best type for me, and that’s pretty much because I’ve been buying mine at the same place for the past ten years so I don’t have to try them out, because yes, I’m obsessed with wearing bras, but I’m too lazy to get the proper ones. Well, at least up until a couple of months. So, as you might guess, I was reluctant to try something different, and I had a sort of contempt for sports bras, so these were absolutely out of the question, not only because I thought they didn’t support as much as wires, but they were too showy. That changed the moment I actually had to use them out of recommendation of my doctor to ease my back problems, and seriously I regret not having worn them for all my life. So, if you’re not so sure about these, here are some reasons that might talk you into sports bras.

Prevent sagging

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Let's take a look at one of the negative ideas I had regarding sports bras and how I debunked it when I tried them out. As I mentioned, I believed that only bras with wires would provide the best support, but I couldn't be more wrong. To start with, sagging will happen. It’s a matter of age and gravity, and at some point the muscles will give up. However, it’s been proven that what causes long-term sagging is a combination of constant movement with an inadequate support, and for that reason, sports bras, designed to keep your boobs from moving too much, will prevent your boobs from being too saggy in the future.


Less muscular pain

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Due to my chronic back issues I started wearing sports bras. Again, I never thought that wearing a specific type of bra could have such an impact on my health. So, even when I still wear regular bras, I can definitely notice the difference. This particular type is designed for extreme physical activities, and thus it brings the best support for your boobs, including, of course, the back and shoulders, giving you a correct posture. Seriously, if you have constant neck and back pains, this can really make a difference and make your life way more comfortable.


They reduce breast pain

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That’s probably the most important reason to be honest. You might not realize it, especially if you, like me, have gotten so used to wearing regular bras at all times, but at some point, moving or using them for so long can make your breasts ache. Muscle ligaments make our boobs quite elastic, so they can actually move with the slightest movement of bounce. So, even when you’re not an athlete, our breasts are in constant movement all the time (when walking, on the bus or car, or even when laughing or doing any movement), and regular bras don’t really give you the support you need. Then, if you want to avoid breast pain, say hello to your new best friend.


Regulate sweat and temperature

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We all hate sweaty boobs. I mean, it’s the most uncomfortable thing ever, and summing to my list of irrational fears, since I don’t have a very big bosom, I always assumed that sweating could make them smaller (#facepalm!). But, stupidity aside, we can all agree that sweaty boobs are horrible. So, sports bras (good ones of course) are created with technologically advanced fabrics made for athletes that make the sweat transpire easily, allowing the passing of air to the region when it’s hot. I’m thinking on those hellish summer days when there’s no way of avoiding sweat. At least you'll avoid that on the breast area.


Storage purposes

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Actually this one’s my favorite, since I’ve always used my bra to conceal stuff when I don’t want to carry a purse. For instance, my favorite trick when going to a club is putting all my money and my ID on a small pouch and stuck it in my bra so I don’t have to worry about it and still be free to dance. Well, one thing I love about sports bras is that some of them actually have pockets to save these things without poking your boobs or making you do weird movements when taking your phone or belongings from them. Even if they don’t have these compartments, a sports bra gives you much more space to save your things. I know, I’m sounding like a weird old lady, but seriously it’s super practical.


They are trendy

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Finally, probably the reason why I hated them the most was because of the way they looked. Now, I know these aren’t the most discreet bras, and if you’re wearing a nice cleavage it might cause a bit of an issue. However, if you take a look at the latest trends, there are many styles using lingerie as outerwear, so you can rock your sports bra as a regular top, with trendy sheer clothes or even as a crop top, and still have full support and the benefits I listed before. Plus, these bras are so popular nowadays that you’ll find many models and colors to choose from.


As I said, it’s not that you’ll only wear sports bras on a daily basis. Sometimes there are styles you might want to pull off with a more discreet bra, but the thing is that these bras have much more benefits than cons, and personally, as a former fervent detractor, it took me only one day to try one and fall in love with it. So, the only advice I’d give you is to look for a good one that will bring you the right support. Then, prepare to be happy, fresh, and comfortable the whole day!


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