The Top 10 Perfumes To Make Any Man Irresistible

The Top 10 Perfumes To Make Any Man Irresistible

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If you want to make a lasting impression, pick one of these 10 popular perfumes for men and leave behind you the perfect scent to make sure everyone will remember you.

We all want to leave a lasting impression on others. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the perfume industry is so successful. A pleasant aroma will leave a more lasting impression than an image or a word. 

And by the way, this is completely backed by science.

A man who smells nice always will get bonus points and will leave a lasting impression on everyone. Perhaps she won't remember your name, or what you do, but if you smell nice, be sure she will remember you. So, go ahead and pick one of the following unforgettable aromas in the best perfumes for men.

"Intenso" by Dolce & Gabbana

As stated in its name, this is for young men with a traditional streak, but who are also bold and pure at heart. It is a mix of the aroma of the flowers and leaves of the moepel tree, native to South Africa, and it has a hint of wood.

perfumes for men intenso dolce and gabbana

"Pour Homme Soir" by Bvlgari

Just like the bottle, the perfume is for elegant men who live for the night and like the good things in life. This is a mix of amberwood, musk, and darjeeling tea essence. Isn't it a wonderful combination?

perfumes for men bvlgari

"Uomo" by Ferragamo 

This perfume is the perfect balance between masculinity, elegance, and a wild side. The brand keeps true to its own artisanal processes, and that makes their aromas even more lasting on your skin. Imagine your skin smelling like a mix between roasted coffee and wood... Not bad.

perfumes for men uomo ferragamo

"For Him" by Narciso Rodriguez

The mix between patchouli and ambergris results in a perfectly, well-defined aroma that many men love. It is a natural and long-lasting smell that will make you stand out from the crowd.

perfumes for men narciso rodriguez

"Man" by Halloween

This fragrance is perfect for guys with an adventurous and urban spirit, those who are not afraid of the night. If this description fits you, you will love their mix of apple martini, aphrodisiac ginger root, and leather, as well as subtle hints of mandarine, cinnamon, and lavender.

perfumes for men man halloween

"Legend" by La Prairie

With a title as strong as this one, the La Prairie fragrance is only for those men who are willing to change the world and leave their mark on it. This fragrance features a mixture of wood aromas that are reminiscent of strong personalities like Pablo Picasso or Winston Churchill. What else would you need?

perfumes for men la prairie

"Essense No.9 Turberose" by Elie Saab

The fusion of tuberose, cinnamon, bergamot, and white musk gave us the first unisex aroma produced by this brand. This unique smell is playful and lovely.

perfumes for men ellie saab

"L’eau D’issey" by Issey Miyake

Imagine a bottle that contains a breath of fresh air and the freedom of climbing a mountain. This strong and airy aroma is perfect for those who love the unknown. At first, you might not recognize the scents that make it so unique: yuzu, sandalwood, and cinnamon. 

perfumes for men issey miyake

"Man Sport" by Tous

Seductive, energetic, and bold. Something for the extroverts, for those who always have an ace up their sleeve. This particular fragrance owes its seductive smell to a mixture of lime and Amalfi lemon, Kashmir wood, oak moss, and musk.

perfumes for men tous

"Peau D’ailleurs" by Philippe Starck

The perfect word for this perfume is UNFORGETTABLE. The artist created it to make the person wearing it hard to miss and hard to forget. The notes in this scent are earth, musk, and wood, but for the creator, they are the smells of cosmic dust and meteorites.

perfumes for men starck

To be truly irresistible has never been this easy and delicious. These perfumes have an almost magical power of attraction; they will help you stay in other people's minds for long after you have left. Pick your favorite and get out there to share your new aroma with the world.

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