12 Sunglasses You Should Wear This Summer According To Your Face Shape

A summer look is incomplete if it doesn't include a cool pair of glasses. But which ones are the most flattering for your face shape?

Summer is around the corner but the heat came a bit earlier this year and it’s never too early to start rocking your fresh summer looks. So how about starting today? One of the key elements for a fly summer look are definitely a pair of sunglasses. However, this is one of the fashion accessories we tend to just get by following trends instead of focusing on what’s more flattering for our face shape.

Just as it happens to hair, there are some styles that fit us perfectly and others that might look odd on us no matter how trendy they are. That being said, it’s always important to really know our face shape and what it is that will highlight our best features rather than concealing them. Surprisingly, even when sunglasses cover an important part of our face, they can actually make our facial features look more flattering while complimenting our well-thought summer looks.


Here are the best frames and styles that go best with each face shape. And let me tell you, once you find the perfect fit, you won’t want to change it.

Round face

@trendi_co / @kamilles.boutiqueThe science behind the best sunglasses fit is learning how to create a balance between the shape of your face and the frames you’re wearing. For round faces, the tip is finding angular frames to balance our round edges. So, sunglasses with square frames or the popular shield glasses are going to be your best friends when it comes to protect your eyes with style. If you want your face to look more elongated, avoid small frames that will only make it look rounder.


Heart face

@westcoastsunglasses / @nologo_eyewearThis is the only shape that skips the balancing rule since, in this case, you’ll want to actually mimic the contours of your face to keep the heart shape. Heart-shaped faces are wider on the top and end up in a pointy chin, so you’ll want to look for glasses that have a similar structure. For instance, the classic aviator glasses or semi-rimless frames can help you highlight your bone structure. The trick here is playing with proportions so that the glasses don’t end up covering your face.

Square face

@trendi_co / @archimbaudopticienFor square faces, you’ll want to soften the angular contours of your face a little. The way to achieve it is by going with rounder and softer frames. In this case, round frames or even butterfly shapes will help you break with the stiff lines of your face and give you a more balanced look.


Oval face

@sandeaix / @themiamivibeOval faces basically won the shape lottery since they can pull off basically any style (even when it comes to hair). So, I’d say, get creative with all the cool trends out there. The only thing to bear in mind is keeping with proportions, so if your face is long I wouldn’t go for a tiny model and vice versa.

Diamond face / @boogafasDiamond faces are quite similar to heart-shaped ones in that they both end with a very narrow jawline. The main difference is that its contours are more angular while heart-shaped faces are rounder. Again, you’ll want to mimic your face shape but this time you have to go for more subtle edges so that it balances a little bit those lines. Semi-rimless frames can be your best ally to achieve the perfect balance.


Oblong face

@forartssake / @sunglass.laOblong is quite a strange word but it basically refers to rectangular faces. This means elongated and narrow faces with angular contours. You’ll want to mix the advice for square faces here while keeping proportions in mind. That means wearing big glasses can definitely help you create that balance. Wayfarers or wrap frames are the ones for you.

Now you know, find those perfect glasses for you and rock this summer with style.


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