Here's How You Can Make Your Butt Look Great In Mom Jeans

Here's How You Can Make Your Butt Look Great In Mom Jeans

Believe it or not, there are ways to make your butt look awesome in mom jeans!

Mom jeans are back with a vengeance. Every single clothing store has at least one model of this style, and in the craze, we all ran to buy a pair. Okay, maybe not everyone did, but I'm gonna say it, so I don't feel that lame. When I got mine, I was super excited to wear them, and since I have a bad habit of not trying on clothes at the store, nothing and no one stopped me from spending my hard-earned money on them. When I got home, I tried them on, thinking I would look like an Instagram model. I wasn’t too happy with how they looked, so I decided to ask my sister what she thought. Now, my sister is one of those blunt people who say whatever comes to their mind, so she told me I reminded her of Chessy, the housekeeper in The Parent Trap (1998). Don't get me wrong, that character is awesome, but this was not the comment I was expecting. (Well, maybe it was my fault, since I did pair them with a loose denim shirt that looked way too 90s.) 

The thing is that mom jeans get that name for a reason, so at the time, I thought I'd never try one of these trends again. I went back to my apartment and looked in the mirror to see what the problem was. First, they didn’t fit well in terms of length, so I rolled them up a little. However, this didn’t help because it only made the pants look bulky. But what I really hated (and that’s what I want to talk about in this article) was how my butt looked. I’m a curvy woman, and I’ve always liked my booty, but these pants didn’t do any justice to it. They looked so flat and shapeless, I almost cried, and that was it for me and mom jeans. From then on, I would just stick to skinny and straight jeans. Now, one good day, I found an article that revealed the trick to wearing mom jeans and making them look great, no matter your body shape. To be honest, the only thing I didn’t love about these pants was how my butt looked, so when I found this article, my problem was solved. Now, I’m passing on that wisdom to you.

Pay attention to the yoke of your jeans.

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Before reading that article, I didn’t even know jeans had so many different parts, but now I've seen the light. The yoke is simply the part on the back of your jeans between the waistband and the pockets. There are many yoke shapes, but the most flattering one for all body shapes is the "V," yoke because it accentuates the top of your butt, making it look rounder and well shaped.


Emphasize your butt by focusing on your waist.

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Mom jeans have a straight leg that starts at the waist, so they tend to make your shape look square, but that doesn’t work on everybody. So, if you want that hourglass shape almost everybody desires, the best thing to do is to highlight your waist. The first step is to tuck in your shirt, so the waist of the jeans automatically creates that shape. The more you define your waist, the rounder your butt will look. Just play with your clothes and try new shapes with crop tops or bodysuits, but whatever you do, don't cover your waistline.


Heels lift up your butt.

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I’m not that happy about this particular point because I’m the worst at wearing heels. I just can’t wear them, and it really breaks my heart, but if you can wear them, you'll be happy to know that they help you lift your butt. It’s a matter of logic: heels make you walk straight, so your butt sticks out a bit more than when you wear sneakers or flats. It’s as if someone pulled an invisible thread attached to your head and tightened up your whole body.


Avoid thick fabrics.

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Looking back, this is probably what made me fail so badly with those mom jeans I bought. Thick fabrics aren't very flattering, so if you’re not super, super thin (in this case, thick fabrics will actually be your best friends, so you look a bit curvier), they won’t do any justice to your body. You should go for lighter fabrics, like stretch ones, that will make your butt look more shapely. Plus, with a light fabric, if you roll up the pants, they won’t look bulky, which is the key to making mom jeans look good.


Lighter colors tend to highlight the butt.

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And finally, one great way to highlight your butt is to go for a lighter denim color. It makes a huge difference. It's not that your butt will actually look rounder; it’s just an illusion that happens because the seams become more visible, creating a bigger and nicer appearance.


There are still people who say that not all clothes are meant for everybody, and I used to believe that, but now I think we can all rock anything we want, as long as we understand our body and know what we want to accentuate and what we'd rather conceal. Seriously, there are tons of tricks to achieve the look you want. You just have to follow them.


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