10 Times Beyoncé And Blue Ivy Were The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Fashion Combo

These photos prove that Beyoncé and Blue Ivy have become the most powerful mother-daughter fashion combo of our time.

There’s probably no celebrity, in the history of celebrities, that shines and generates more attention than Beyoncé and her equally sparkling family. She’s not just a celebrity that people praise and admire, but she’s also become an icon and a living legend thanks to her unique voice, amazing moves, and stage presence. She and her husband Jay Z have become a power couple with more influence in people than any other public figure (and I’m not just talking about the music and entertainment industry).

Together, the family of five are real celebrity royalty, and not only because all the money and power they have, but also because they’ve become champions for many causes related to the black community and female empowerment. In the past years, Beyoncé has become an icon and a role model through her strong and fearless songs, something we can tell she’s passed on her eldest daughter and that we can definitely see in her personality even at a very young age.


Now, if Queen Bey is unique, wait until you see what her daughter Blue Ivy becomes when she grows up, since at only seven years old, she makes everyone pay attention wherever she goes. And it’s no surprise, with those parents, that girl has everything to reach whatever peak she wants. 

Having said that, there’s no better way to exemplify that strong mother-daughter relationship than seeing how they present themselves to the public. And fashion has become their most powerful weapon. These photos below aren’t the classic cheesy mother- daughter shots with matchy matchy outfits you see on social media. These show how mother and daughter are really conveying strong messages through clothes and their own presence. 


Without further ado, take a look at how Beyoncé and Blue Ivy have become the ultimate, most powerful fashion combo of our time:

Photos from: @beyonce


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