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This Fashion Rule Is Nonsense, And We Should All Forget About It

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 29 de septiembre de 2017

There are some rules in fashion that we follow as if they were precepts without questioning them. For me, fashion is all about using clothes to bring out something about yourself. It’s a matter of creativity and using whatever you feel like wearing to convey a message. So, all these “rules” don’t mean anything really, especially nowadays, when new trends are actually riskier and rebel against outdated ideas of fashion. It’s like the rule of not wearing socks with open-toe shoes, which now has become one of the most followed audacious trends. The rule here is that there are no rules. The trick with black and brown outfits is to know how to combine colors, fabrics, and shapes to get a cohesive look. So, here are a few ideas you can start with if you’re still not that convinced about ditching that outdated grandma rule.

Think in contrasting terms

Just like you'd do with any other color out there, the idea is to contrast. Now the rule of black and brown has more to do with combining colors (including navy) that are often seen as foundation, meaning that they're meant to be combined with other tones. Now, while I think dark brown and black can look great, I must admit that combinations with lighter hues of brown look absolutely stunning with the contrast of dark black.

Create a balanced look

Balancing means to consider the amount of color you’ll wear or which one you’ll prioritize. You’ll find that it’s easier to mix them if you choose black as your foundation color. So, if you’re wearing black pants and shirt, you can add a hint of brown to break the monotony of the color. Select at least two pieces of brown to make it more balanced; in that way, you can get matching shoes and a belt or a scarf with a similar, if not the same, hue of brown. Now, layering different tonalities can look edgy and very fashionable if these hues do combine. In other words, if you’re going for warmer or cooler tones of brown, stick to these. The best way to know which type of brown to wear is by placing it next to a red (warm) piece and a blue (cool) one. The one it looks better with will give you the tonality you need.

Get a statement piece that mixes both colors

If you still think you’re not ready to break this rule, one great option is to get a statement piece that mixes both colors. There are many shirts with stripes that combine both hues (for men, there are ties or hats that do the same) or even accessories like pashminas and scarves with some animal print. You can get a solid black outfit and just accessorize it with this piece to bring some color and pull the look together. Faux fur also tends to mix these colors in a natural way, so you can get a vest or coat made from this fabric.

Don’t be afraid of adding more colors

At the end of the day, the purpose of this is to break an outdated rule, so don’t be afraid of pushing it a bit more. However, it’s important to say that adding other bright colors might look a bit strange. To create a winning combo, use other neutral tones, like white, gray, or dark green. The key is creating palettes and balancing colors so your outfit won't look disjointed.


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