5 Men Fashion Tips To Master That Bohemian Style You Desire So Much

There you have it, five simple tips to look bohemian and stylish without forgoing comfort. If you are a man looking for a boho look, go for it!

It all started with Johnny Depp… Once upon a time, Hollywood’s favorite captain seemed to find a style that could only be described as halfway between eighteenth century pirate and twenty-first century hobo, and he somehow made it work. Fifteen years later and we’re still witnessing men of all shapes and sizes embarking on quests to find the perfect messy hairdo, vintage shirt, and overload of accessories to find that dirty/sexy balance. It’s a complicated style to master, since you need to put in a lot of work to get it right —just check out some of Depp’s never-ending accessory lists—, but if you manage to find the right balance, it’s an interesting look that can transmit your fondness for a bohemian lifestyle. Anyway, here are our tips to better look like you’re ready for the next flea marketer’s convention. 

1. Look like you don’t care about what you’re wearing

This might sound strange, but it’s not as hard as it seems. It all comes down to perseverance. Another man’s pile of old clothes is someone else's treasure. Go to flea markets, thrift stores, anywhere you might find worn and torn jeans and shirts. Focus on neutral colors like brown, military green, and white. Accessories are crucial, too. Any old bracelet, hat, pair of sunglasses, or bandana are worth their weight in gold. So I hope you’re not allergic to dust, ‘cause you’ll have to go through mountains of it to get to the good stuff.


2. Find the right pair of boots

No bohemian is a true bohemian without some cool leather boots. The older they look, the better you look. Try something scratched and torn that you can wear without having to tie the shoelaces. They’re comfortable, look great, and can last for a lifetime. Once you ace the boots, your transition into desert hippie is officially underway.

3. Fear not the torn jeans

Yes, you will be subjected to annoying comments from your parents, but bohemians know their legs need to breathe every once in a while. So go to the attic, find that old box of jeans, get yourself some scissors, and slice away at those horrible leg-jails people mistakenly call pantaloons. You’ll feel fresh in the summer in your short/pant hybrids. But remember: Winter is pant-holes’ natural predator, so don’t do this to all your pants.


4. Choose a cool looking baggy shirt

The more it exposes your chest hair, the better. Stylish bohemians know that a baggy shirt will give you comfort and freedom of movement, while reinforcing the idea that you’re a relaxed dude who likes to keep it real. Don’t limit yourself to the classic monochromatic tones, go crazy, get some color in there, along with some cool designs. 

5. Unleash your mane

This is a bit unfair to bald people everywhere, but hair plays a big role in the bohemian style. Whether it is on your head, face, or body, it’s hard to imagine someone rocking this look without something overgrowing somewhere. However, balance is everything; you want to look stylish, not like an unkept hedge, so go take care of your hair and beard, grow it carefully, and pay regular visits to the barber


There you have it, five simple tips to look stylish without forgoing comfort. If this is the look for you, go for it; the important thing is it helps you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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