The Times Camilla Tried To Dress Up Like Diana To Please The People

Camilla was so desperate to win the respect of the people that sometimes she seemed to try copying Princess Diana’s style.

The biggest and best-known royal scandal was the love triangle between Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and his now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles. Brits really adored Diana from the first moment; her simplicity, charisma, beauty, sweetness, and empathy got her the name of “the people’s princess.” At that time, Camila presented herself as an old friend of Princess Charles and even said she was happy he had found THE one. However, behind closed doors, both had a secret affair after the Crown allegedly separated had them because Camilla wasn’t a suitable option to marry the heir to the throne.

We know how the story goes. The infidelity eventually came to light, and Diana and Charles divorced. The only thing that didn't change at all was the love Brits had for her. For Princess Diana, these were hard times, although she enjoyed some freedom along with her children, Princes William and Harry. Sadly, her story would come to a tragic end after the terrible accident that ended her life.


After the fatal moment, Camilla stayed on the sidelines but never let go of Prince Charles. Both tried to convince the Crown that the divorced girl could be a good wife and new member of the Royal Family. At that time, Camilla tried in every way to fill the void left by Diana, or at least that's what her outfits said.

Many of her loyal fans noticed this change in Camila's style and were furious with the comments that she could never take the place of 'the people's princess.' Let's take a look at some of the outfits that look like an exact copy of Princess Diana's iconic pieces.


The revenge dress

When the news about Prince Charles and Camilla's relationship became public, Diana attended a public event with what would be known as the 'revenge dress.' It was a beautiful and bold piece she would've never been allowed to wear as a member of the Royal Family. Bare shoulders, skirt slit, and black color were just forbidden elements of a royal outfit. She looked like a goddess, and many applauded her for that subtle act of vengeance.

A short time later, after Diana's revenge dress became a sensation, Camilla showed up in a dark dress with bare shoulders... Coincidence? Probably not. Cynical? Definitely!


The baby pink monochromatic look

Princess Diana was famous for her boldness in fashion and colors. She was so good at combining them that they soon would become a trend. Camilla knew how good Diana looked and decided to try it out many years later.

Blue, pearls, and sapphires

Diana wore this piece when she was no longer a member of the Royal Family. She wore this navy blue lingerie combined with a luscious pearl and sapphire necklace; Camilla Parker chose the same shade and a very similar set of pearl and sapphire necklace.


Polka dot dress and white blazer

The past two looks might be coincidental, but this combination is not that common. As you might've noticed already, it seems that years later, Camilla decided to take a trip to memory lane and copy some of Diana's looks to replicate them.

Jeans, navy blazer, and white blouse

Princess Diana wore this killer combo when she was away from social engagements. A light, casual and comfortable outfit that Camilla wore as well for a casual day.


So, what do you thing? Did Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, deliberately tried to copy Princess Diana's look's to win the people's respect?

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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