7 Chic Ways To Look Sophisticated In Your Combat Boots

7 Chic Ways To Look Sophisticated In Your Combat Boots

Who said you couldn't wear combat boots with everything?

Over the last couple of years, combat boots have become a wardrobe staple for many of us. I myself own three pairs that I rock with casual looks. We've borrowed them from punk, grunge, and rock styles and incorporated them into our own. The old fashion rules that dictated what formal and casual outfits look like and what pieces go for every occasion are gone. In today’s fashion world there are no such things as rules, and many have been using these boots for everything from parties, to dates, to work.

So, how can you make your combat boots work for a formal or elegant outfit? Take sneakers, for instance. They’ve blurred the line between casual and formal. So, why should combat boots be any different? I don’t see any good reason why not. Perhaps the reason why it isn’t the greatest statement yet is that they are strongly associated with strong and coarse looks contrary to the delicate vibe sophisticated fashion has. However, it isn’t impossible to actually combine these ideas. This is how you can soften your style while still wearing your badass combat boots. 

Fancy coat

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In my opinion, a nice looking coat can make any outfit look sophisticated. It’s not that you actually have to buy an expensive coat. I’m talking about a cute statement piece that becomes the focal point of your look. The idea here is that in cold weather, the last thing you want to deal with is high heels, so if you take your combat boots and pair it with a nice coat, you can actually bring that elegance and still be comfortable.


Formal fabrics

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Another reason why combat boots are often paired with casual outfits is that they are everyday footwear, and for that reason, they tend to look a bit worn after a while. While a good trick would be to make your outfits look more elegant by wearing a neat and sleek pair, that’s not necessarily a rule. Actually, I kind of like the combination of shabby boots and what we tend to consider formal fabrics like linen, silk, satin, or even velvet. 


Delicate lace

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The idea of achieving a chic and sophisticated look with combat boots is to tone down the coarseness associated to these shoes (after all, these were originally worn by soldiers at war, and thus have a huge cultural and historical load). The trick to making them work with a more casual outfit is to combine them with more delicate pieces, and lace is one of those fabrics that can give a romantic vibe to any look.


Preppy skirt

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Preppy looks are often seen as elegant and sophisticated, and even though the look has been toned down in the last few years, it still has some of that classy vibe. If you’re all about interesting and fashion-forward styles, you really have to try pairing your preppy style with some statement combat boots. Play with colors and fabrics to make it even more over the top and stylish.


Sheer fabrics

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Again, combining different kinds of fabrics that you wouldn't usually associate with grunge style can be a great alternative to soften your look and create something more unique. Just like we said about lace, sheer fabrics like organza, tulle, or chiffon (that are so trendy nowadays, by the way) can help you give a romantic and delicate look your outfit while still rocking the coolness and comfort of your combat boots.


Long skirts

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Just as you’d do with the preppy style, pairing your favorite boots with a nice long skirt or dress can make for a very interesting combination without leaving behind the elegance and sophistication of your piece. Remember that it’s also about the attitude and posture you wear your clothes with, and besides that, there’s nothing that flatters any style more than comfort and confidence. As long as you like your bold look, you’re going to look classy and chic.


Statement pieces

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We tend to see combat boots as statement pieces for an outfit, but they can actually be the best accessories to complement our overall look. While I like creating my outfits in function of a statement piece, in this case, I wouldn’t take my combat boots as the center of my outfit, but rather combine it with something more eye-catching and sophisticated to balance out the look. 


There’s a very terrible song in Spanish that says “I’ll die with my boots on.” No matter how bad the song is, since I got my first pair of combat boots, I named all mine after it mainly because there’s nothing more comfortable and stylish. If it were up to me, I’d even wear them to bed. Ok, not true, but you get the point.


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