Comfy is the new black: Comfortable outfits for a stylish Christmas

Here are 12 amazing looks you can assemble (with pieces you might already have) to look stunning for every Christmas party.

December is around the corner and with it, endless gatherings and parties to attend. Yes, we all love the rush the holidays bring but let's face it, most of the stylish outfits for these events can be really uncomfortable to wear. High heels and really tight sequined dresses tend to be the fashion etiquette at these Christmas events, and unless you're used to wearing this type of look, they are some of the most uncomfortable outfits to wear.

Fashion nowadays is all about challenging old-fashioned beauty norms. Over-sized garments, cool print combinations, playing with textures and cuts, and more importantly, sneakers and flat shoes are going to be the trend of the season, and fortunately, these are some of the comfiest attires they can be.


If you want to be the trend-setter of the party, you should get inspired by these amazing looks, which won't only be extremely easy and comfortable to wear, but that also have that trailblazing runway essence that will make you steal everybody's thunder.

Here are 12 amazing looks you can assemble (with pieces you might already have) to look stunning for every Christmas party.


Puffy realness

A statement white puffy jacket matched with some classic wide-leg jeans and white boots are the perfect combo for an outdoor gathering.

Animal print

Animal print can always add some extraness to every look. Match a leopard blazer and leopard boots with a vibrant earthy color like these emerald loose pants, and you'll be ready to walk any runway. A nice, white cozy sweater will keep you warm and stylish.


Vintage vibes

Let's elevate the vintage look a little bit, shall we? A pair of wide-leg corduroy pants matched with a velvetish sweater. Use a belt to accentuate your waist. Add a vibrant faux-fur coat as your statement piece and match it with a nice felt hat of the same color. Choose only three to four colors to make the color palette of your look cohesive.

Classy casual

Denim jeans are the epitome of casual, but you can always elevate the look and make it more sophisticated with the right garments. In this case, you'll want to keep the color palette a bit soberer to make the natural hue of your jeans pop out. Go for a basic turtle neck blouse or sweater and your classic winter coat. Play a little bit with shapes by choosing a pair of statement jeans.


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

Monochromatic looks are one of the most popular trends of the moment, but a white monochromatic can be really mesmerizing and ad hoc to the festivities. Add some hints of silver for a more shocking look.

Fancy in red

Nothing says Christmas like red. A nice pair of red business pants or a jumpsuit matched with a red bag is already a great look. But add some sparkly silvery boots and a cute and soft baby blue coat, and you'll have an elegant magazine-cover look.


Punk chic

If you're not that into the formal attire, and you're more of a punkish kind of person, you're going to love this look. Pair a white loose shirt dress with a loose structured checkered coat and some nice boots. Accessorize with golden jewelry and add a statement bag for more impact.

Pastel diva

Sometimes you just need a statement garment to put together a unique and trendy look. A basic gray sweater, a nice mini-skirt, some black tights, and some classic oxford shoes might be a common look. Add a statement fluffy pink coat and you'll become a real trend-setter.


Gender-neutral top model

Fashion is little by little breaking all gender rules and you can easily embrace this attitude this Christmas with a nice and classy suit. If you want to elevate the look, you can go for a nice tawny color paired with a simple structure black coat and matching black shoes and purse.

Jingle Bell rock?

Here's another alternative look for those rebellious souls. Embrace the leather style with a classic leather jacket, some cargo boots, and a nice and elegant leather pleated skirt. This one will be the center of attention to your rocker style.


Mix and match

This one is probably one of the riskiest looks but one that will definitely make you look as if you had just walked the runway. Mix and match bright colors with a unique print. Besides that, try wearing statement garments, like a vibrant yellow long vest to make it even more interesting.

Neon hints

Last but not least, sometimes our looks just need some neon hints to make them unique. Try matching a regular checkered coat with some hints of neon pink or a really bright color to make the pattern pop. It can be some neon skinny pants or just a nice pair of shoes or sneakers, and they will make you shine.


These looks aren't only easy to put together but also really trendy right now.

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