6 Reasons Why Velvet Is The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Centerpiece

Find out why velvet is the perfect item for your holiday outfits.

There's something about velvet that makes me think of snow and sleigh rides. Is it its softness and warmth? Or is it the popular red outfits that come with this time of the year? Whether it’s a trend or simply a seasonal thing, this particular material has won our hearts. I’m pretty sure you have (or have had at some point) at least one velvet blouse or shirt. And surely enough, whenever you wear something made of velvet, it feels so smooth and elegant, you feel cooler than your favorite Instagram star.

Velvet can be so classy and so stylish, it can be worn on any occasion. No matter how you wear it, it always manages to highlight your best assets. Maybe that’s why velvet is so popular: it feels good, and it makes you look good. Plus, it’s simply timeless. Velvet has been used for centuries as an icon of style and elegance. Nowadays, there's so much variety when it comes to velvet, so it's not just long, heavy dresses made from this fabric.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, the time has come to look for our favorite velvet clothes and bundle up, while still looking classy and chic. If you too have been captivated by the softness of velvet, then you’ll love to see all the ways you can use it. Find out how to incorporate more velvet into your outfits this holiday season:

Dresses will always be in.

Even though centuries have passed since velvet dresses were first used, they are still a very good option for this time of the year. Mostly because they help us deal with the exhausting task of creating an elegant look, while preventing us from freezing to death. Velvet dresses come in lots of different colors (in case you are not a big fan of the classic and very Christmassy red option). You can also find velvet dresses in all lengths, from a mini to the longest maxi, you decide how velvet is going to make your outfit.

It is also more than just dresses.

Sure, red velvet dresses are the cutest holiday outfit ever, but you don’t have to wear them if you’re not into that kind of clothing. Luckily, if you’re not a big fan of dresses and skirts, you can always get yourself some velvet pants. Skinny or wide-leg, however you like them, they'll look cute and festive. The great thing about velvet pants is that they can be used with bright or dark colors, and both look amazing.

It can make you use overalls again.

Since we're talking about pants, I must add a very recent trend that was brought back straight from the nineties: overalls and jumper skirts. They were huge back then, and now they’ve made an interesting yet modern comeback that, guess what, can be found in velvet too. Obviously, these are much more casual, so unless it is a very classy and dark colored jump skirt, I wouldn’t recommend you to wear them to important events. Sure, they are comfy AF, and they actually look good, but let’s be honest, they aren’t that elegant. It’s better to save them for parties and family reunions.

Velvet jackets and blazers are the best.

When you don’t want to look too velvety, but still want to add a little extra something to your outfit, velvet blazers are the way to go. You can choose from the brightest to the most sober tones, but if you want to feel that holiday vibe, I would recommend burgundy, black, dark green and blue. They go just fine with denim jeans or plain skirts. You can also go with a two-piece velvet outfit, just make sure the two pieces are both the same design and color. These kinds of blazers may also come with some patterns or extra adornments, but if you don’t particularly love the extra decoration, don’t panic. Think of them as the holiday element of your outfit. Plus, most of the time, they're very subtle.

Velvet shoes might be the item your outfit was missing.

For a more discreet velvet item, you can choose a nice pair of high heels or flats that will make you feel the holiday spirit in your feet. They may not be as cozy or warm as velvet clothes, but they will sure make you look elegant anywhere you go. And if you’re feeling casual, you can also wear velvet sneakers, which are really trendy right now. I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding some nice velvet footwear that suits your needs. 

Accessories can give you that velvet feel too.

Last but not least, accessories. If you feel like you’re still not ready for velvet clothes and footwear, there is one last option to consider. Bracelets and earrings with velvet details can still be a very stylish item to use, and also very discreet. They can come in lots of colors and can be as big or minimalistic as you need them. One particular item that’s very trendy right now is the velvet choker. Much like the overalls, these were brought back from the nineties and are doubtlessly as chic as they come.


Velvet is just the best. Soft, classy, and fashionable. I’m pretty sure this fabric will never go out of style. Since it comes in clothes, shoes, bags, and necklaces, there's always a way to wear velvet and make it work. What do you think? Are you going to incorporate velvet into your outfits this season?


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